My sailing adventure | Tangalooma, Australia

So my adventure as the volunteer finished unfortunately.

and now I'm going with all my stuff again for another adventure and thats two days of sailing and we will snorkel there at shipwrecks and the island is all from sand so I'm really looking forward just the weather could be better but hope it's gonna be better so let's go so there is three places for sleeping two down and one up here the same in here this is kitchen here will be big party tonight tell us what weather we have.

we have very "nice" weather sunny!! that's why we have these jackets, against the sunburn and there is another room and toilet.

well, that's how I look.

Raincoat it's raining and raining how does it taste? very good what is it actually? banana.

Choc? chuc? so we had few moments of the sun after we arrived we were snorkeling at these shipwrecks where were soo many colorful fishes.


Small and saw even the shark I'm not really sure what's the kind of this shark but it was beautiful if you don't touch it, doesn't hurt you so I was pretty calm it is so beautiful here!! these all are shipwrecks some of them are sunk really deep some not much now is preparing dinner.

And we're drinking, talking, relaxing and have also music simply amazing night Co vaříte pane kapitáne Dane? Kapitáne Dane? Vařím pro vás úžasnou večeři jehněčí stehna a zeleninu marinovaná stehna.

výborné! We just walked up this great steep dune almost there.

Please explain what are you trying to do.

I'm trying to slide down this dune it's really steep!! do you want to push? it doesn't work!! maybe you can try to slide down on belly this so cool!! I would go again if it wouldn't be so high we're staying another night on the boat and it's so cool I slept like the baby as it swings on the waves.

Takže už odjíždíme kapitáne? bohužel ano.

ale budeme skvěle plachtit na cestě zpět, to si zamiluješ!! so this is one member of our crew and the other one went somewhere inside.

Captain Dan here is him luck that I'm so small, it cannot hit me!.

Source: Youtube