My Little Pony Pool Party Kangaroo Adventure

My Little Pony Pool Party Kangaroo AdventureThanks for inviting us to your pool party Rainbow DashFluttershy: You're so cool Pinkie Pie: Thank youWhat's that noise over there in the buses? Fluttershy: Lets go and check it outOMG its a kangaroo Fluttershy: Oh wow he's so soft and cuddlyLets call him Fluffy Its a pity the Cutie mark crusasders aren'there They love Kangaroo Pool PartiesLet me pet him, he's so soft and cuddly Rainbow dash: I Love himLets get back to our fun pool party What a super cool adventure that wasPinkie pie: That was so much fun watching the kangaroo playSee you on our next Happy Kids Vids HKV video guysLike us and subscribe ByeLots of other My Little Pony MLP Pool Party Videos to watch.

Source: Youtube