Mi experiencia con cursos los cursos VET | Acá en Australia

Hey guys, how are you today? My name is Juliana Medina and I am Here in Australia.

Here in Australia So, I was looking at my old videos to find which videos you guys enjoyed to watch the most and I noticed that the video called "Extiende tu visa con un curso más profesional" it's so popular and has so many views And that is why today, I decided to make a more detailed video about those professional courses VET courses But if you don't know what a VET course is I recommend you to watch my previous video before watching this one just so you can understand a bit more So, I am going to add the link to my previous video somewhere on the screen and the information box I have taken two VET courses in Australia both of them at Qii (Queensland International Institute) a well-recognized institute in Brisbane They offer a great range of courses such as Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas, Certificates in different professional fields Of which I studied a Diploma of Management and an Advanced Diploma of Marketing.

As I probably told you guys before, my plans were to come to Australia just for six months and then go back to Colombia.

But after those six months, I realized that my English was not good enough And I was not able to have a fluent conversation And besides that, I also wanted to go back to Colombia with a more professional certificate rather than just General English That was the reason why I decided to take a VET course which I believe was the best decision I made During that time my English improved a lot and I was able to have a more fluent conversation.

I took my English to the next level, learning a more industry related language and when I spoke, I felt like a professional! One of the things I loved the most was the Friday tutorials Friday? yes Friday! A completely free tutorial you did not have to pay extra The trainers were always there So you could ask all the questions you needed he would help you and give you guidance in the process or he could also help with things like structuring your assessments Because, let's be honest, we have to write in English and we are used to writing in Spanish And sometimes it could be a little difficult But I believe that these tutorials were super helpful and I personally used this service a lot.

And talking about assessments In the VET courses, well, more specifically at Qii We had two opportunities to submit the assessments if the first submission was not successful So your trainer would read your assessment, write some suggestions and give you feedback Then you had the opportunity to correct this assessment and submit it again I think that is great because you have two opportunities to submit the assessments.

Besides that, they also provide you with different learning resources such as books that you can read and take them home great books! well to be honest, I am a little bit nerdy I usually highlight my books and always make the summary of the summary of the summary so, yes, I really liked that! I have to confess that in the beginning, the classes were a little hard to understand because I was not familiar with some business specific language But with the time and after few classes you get used to it And start learning so fast I also learnt how to write reports because.

Yes, I was used to writing reports back home But a report in Colombia is different to a report in Australia so, I learnt the basics on how to write a report in a more professional way which made my experience at an Australian University so much easier I also met incredible people at the institution and became friends of Qii's staff I was part of the Students Association where I was in charge of organising events for students and guess what? Because of my good performance at the Students Association, I was awarded a scholarship at the institution, and with this scholarship, I decided to study an Advanced Diploma of Marketing.

When I ended the Advanced Diploma of Marketing at Qii I decided that I did not want to go back to Colombia just yet instead, I wanted to finish my University in Australia And I did something called "Credit transfer" where you apply to transfer credits of some units that you've done before so you don't have to start uni from zero So I decided to transfer credits from my qualifications at Qii And I received a lot of credit for my units from my VET courses which saved me a lot of time and a lot of money And to be honest, I think that doing a VET course before Uni was one of the best decisions I made Because that experience was somewhat of a “preparation” for me, my university experience has been easier because all of what I learnt in the VET course ok guys that was all for today I hope this video was helpful and that you learnt something new today.

Please, let me know in the comments section your thoughts about these courses would you guys like to take one of these courses? Do not forget to subscribe to my channel to follow me on my social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat and as always I'll be waiting for you guys HERE IN AUSTRALIA.

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