Merry Christmas from IP Australia

It's that time of year again, we're all settingup the tree, Another 12 months have come and gone, if you look back can you see There were times you were dreaming, whereyou let your mind lift and asked those powerful words I wonder, what if It's that dream that connected us that ideaonly you see It needed protecting You needed our team That's what we do here – we're for your ideaswe help protect so you can create, feel free to dream, engineer and innovate Patents, trade marks, designs PBR from thelegal team, executives, to each examiner we're working to protect Australian design lookingback on our year and with the future in mind So whether you've dreamed with us, or arestill to dream yet or the dream of another you've helped to protect Thank you for connecting in twenty-sixteenand for working with us in the year that has been Celebrate, enjoy, it's been quite a year And we look forward to soon again workingwith you and your idea.

Source: Youtube