Melbourne Runner ‘Ripped to Pieces’ by Kangaroo

Who out there thinks kangaroos are cute? Well, that may be the case, but the marsupials still pack a mean punch.

Just ask Debbie Urquhart.

The 54-year-old former bodybuilding champion was on a morning run in Melbourne on Saturday, Jan.

14, when she says a massive kangaroo came out of nowhere, knocked her down "like a damn truck," and continued to attack.

Urquhart told reporters that the more she screamed, the more he pushed and clawed at her.

It wasn't until she stopped screaming that he backed off, and she managed to hide.

She told the Manningham Leader, "I thought he was going to come back and kill me.

" Once she made it home, covered in blood, her husband took her to the hospital, where she needed dozens of stitches and emergency surgery.

Urquhart says she's not sure what provoked the kangaroo, but after seeing her injuries, it sure makes you realize how lucky Mr.

Kangaroo Puncher here was that the marsupial didn't retaliate.

For NewsBeat Social, I'm Molly Riehl.

Source: Youtube