Matthew McConaughey Faked an Australian Accent for a Year | Splash News TV

Matthew McConaughey is an Oscar winner, sodoing an Australian accent would be no big thing right? Well, how about doing one for a year? That’s right, the Texan was speaking toSeth Myers when he revealed that he took a year off between high school in college tolive in the land down under… and when he returned to Austin for school – he put onan Australian accent for his entire freshman year.

And get this.

The ladies were kind of into it, accordingto him.

Not that surprised.

Matt with an Aussie accent is about as coolas it gets.

Lucky for him he didn’t have to keep thelong con up for that long – he let the cat out of the bag one night when hanging outwith his frat buddies that he was just putting it on.

Not to worry though… we like his Texas drawljust as much.

Source: Youtube