Massive Australian Fur Seal Goes Walkabout in Tasmanian Suburb

A massive Australian fur seal goes walkabout in a startled Tasmanian suburb.

Police in Newstead, Tasmania, found the 440-pound seal in the middle of a busy street on Monday, Dec.


He made his way onto a car parked in a nearby driveway and then onto the car behind, breaking a windshield and denting a roof.

Newstead is 50 kilometers inland from the ocean, but locals speculate that the big guy arrived via a nearby river inlet.

Police nicknamed the adult male "Mr.

Lou-Seal" and pronounced him a "sea-lebrity.

" Parks and Wildlife officials tranquilized the furry beast and loaded him on a trailer.

After a medical check, they plan to release him back into the ocean.

Wildlife biologist Rachel Alderman told Australian Broadcasting that Tasmania has a large population of hungry Australian fur seals.

At this time of year, she said, "It's not unusual for us to locate fur seals in rather strange locations.

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Source: Youtube