Many Participate in Kangaroo Naming Contest


I'm Ruth Johnson, your secretary of state.

You may have seen me recently in a music videowhere, believe it or not, I get to rap to the beat with a kangaroo.

If you haven't seen it, just go to our SOSYouTube page.

That video is part of our new ad campaignto get people to "Hop Online, Not in Line" with ExpressSOS.

Com with Print 'N Go.

The kangaroo is the star of the campaign and we've been calling him 'Roo.

' But he needs a real name.

So at the Auto Show, we asked people to stop by our booth and submit their names.

And the response was huge.

We received more than 750 entries.

We're still going through them but I can tellyou that the people in our state are very clever.

For instance, I'll read some.






I want to thank everyone who stopped by ourbooth and participated in this fun contest.

In a few days, we'll announce the winner.

They'll receive a souvenir plate like thisone, signed by me and with the winning name engraved on it.

Watch our messages on social media for updates.

Thank you.

Source: Youtube