MANLY BEACH // Manly, Australia

Hi guys! Today we are going to Manly It is a beautiful day So I think it will be great It's my last day in Sydney So I think it's worth I did not have time to go there yet But I can not leave the country without going there So let us see what is this! As you can see.

Manly! Now let's walk around And enjoy the beach I'm already in Manly, but not alone.

Hello! I'm Kim, Oakland And we'll take Manly Beach! Finally arrived.

Manly Beach! As you see, it is very quiet But that's because it's Friday So everyone is working normally Kim went to sea I do not know what that is water But we will tell you in seconds There is a bar Where you can eat in front of the sea What was it? It was fantastic! The waves are great! Really? Yes! How about was the water? It's a bit cold but.

It's cute once you're inside Safe? Yes! You should go to sea? Yes, definitely! Kim was right I went to the sea It was very good Although very large waves Kim, you did not tell me! But you can see the waves from here! Yeah.

but I never thought they would be so great! We are walking around Manly Its beautiful There is something that caught my attention.

And it is this business.

Panchos! It seems very canchero To be honest, I did not try But they seem to be good We're done with the beach today There was a beautiful sunset in the harbor And now we are hungry! We found a very good shop Here you can see Do you ask? Chicken Katsudon With more tender soybean container It's already night! Now we come to Sydney Here you can see the Opera And the Bridge And US! I hope you enjoy Manly Like us, no? Yes, I enjoyed it! See you next! Bye!.

Source: Youtube