Man punches a kangaroo in the face to rescue his dog Original Video HD Review YouTube

we're all looking forward to seeing max on the board when to our horror it turns out to be something else altogether yeah well no good but all is not as it seems the big-box actually has hold of the dog not the other way around as great runs in we realized this could get dangerous it goes dogs together well we're not sure what's going on here but the roof has the dog not the other way around max commonly whites freeze out of the common help the back room says the odds stacked against him and tries to get the dog with his cause one last time he's powerful armed into the dog by the breastplate as Max doubled his efforts to escape finally the room switches his attention to adopt and sizes up the human to be his next victim pokes gives a kangaroo a spice but a cranky but comes forward ready to attack to save himself he launches are right into the Kangaroos snap the punch swivels through his head as he noses close have to grapple and get out then I each other off chunks makes the right decision again and back off leaving the bucs stunned as the waters just taken place it continues to stand his ground what he has done many times before when fighting for breeding rights against other big boomers like himself he always off dunks again possibly contemplating some revenge for the clip on the stars luckily everyone involved though he decides enough is enough and goes about his day.

Source: Youtube