Malcolm Turnbull and Bill English called on to discuss Australia’s immigration laws

PM Bill English had his firstofficial meeting with Australian Prime MinisterMalcolm Turnbull in Queenstown with trade with the United States likely to be the hot topicof conversation.

But New Zealanders in detentioncentres in Australia urged the pair to reconsiderimmigration laws which one man saidis pushing detainees to the limit.

Ripeka Timutimu with this story.

Like brothers in arms, Bill English and Malcolm Turnbullcelebrated the Anzac spirit.

But for John James Te Moananui,when his whanau visit he's locked up behind barsin an Australian detention centre.

Te Moananui spent aroundseven months in prison on Christmas Island.

Immigration laws took a back seatin discussions today.

But detainees like Te Moananuiwant it back on the table.

So for now it's a nervous waitfor Te Moananui.

He hopes he can have the freedomto fly in and out of both countries just like these two.

Ripeka Timutimu, Te Karere.

Source: Youtube