Making an Australian Visa Application Easier

Making an Australian visa application easier How to make the visa application preparationeasier? Australian visa applications are difficultto organize and difficult to get right, especially if you want themto be successful.

If you want an excellent visa applicationprepared and lodged with a very high chance of success (be that a partner visa applicationor a tourist visa application), it will be hard work.

It's assimple as that.

So guess what? Today is Trick Question Day! How to make it easier? You can't ever make it easier if youwant it to work, and if you go around seeking easy solutions you will probably fall flaton your face.

OK, maybe that should have been "No, you can'tmake it EASY!" You can make it easier by getting expertadvice from a Registered Migration Agent like Down Under Visa who will tell it to you straight,but it will never be a smooth ride with little effortput in.

Garbage in, garbage out.

As they say.

Does a Migration Agent make it easier andfaster? Yes, we make it easier.

We don't necessarily make it faster, as wesimply won't do rush-jobs.

Rush-jobvisa applications are like any rush-jobs.

All haste and no care or attention to detail.

What's the point ingetting the visa application lodged into the DIBP (Department of Immigration and BorderProtection) system if it's only going to be refused? And no, we won't make it easy.

We will take out the confusion of wonderingwhat you are supposed to be doing.

But you won't end up with nothing to do.

You won't make an appointment at our officeand have the application lodged that day.

You will end up with a set of tasks and beexpected to do them thoroughly and with accuracy, and you willend up with a To-Do List, our term for a checklist of visarequirements, and a whole lot of homework to do (which is why it's a "to-do" list).

It will certainly keepyou out of trouble for a while, and you won't need to say "I have nothing to do, and I'mbored!" We'llsee to that! I had somebody tell me once about how hardit was.

He and his fianc´┐Że were busy, and they didn'tunderstand computers, and it was just so difficult, and asked me "What can we do?" It wasn't the firsttime he had said this, and my usual saintly diplomacy slipped a bit and I said "Well,you might just have to get used to being alone, because unlessyou manage to do these things it simply won't work.

" Blunt, but absolutely true.

It's like when you get a personal trainerat a gym because you want the big muscles that impress the girls on the beach.

They're going to push you, and they will getmore out of you than you ever thought you could.

We do the same thing, because we want yourvisa application to be bulging with muscles that will make theCase Officers at the Australian Embassy or DIBP impressedenough to grant the visa.

Do you want help or not? I said in a BLOG post once: Would you go intoa restaurant, and say "Now, where's the kitchen? And Ibrought my own frying pan?" Obviously you would not.

Just making a point here.

We have applicants who will tell us they'vefilled out the forms already, and that they want to callin and see us because they have all the documents alreadyprepared and they want the application lodged so Betty Sue can come back with them in twoweeks time.

I get a bit puzzled and wonder why, becausethat's what WE do.

We complete the forms.

And wetell you what documents and relationship evidence you need, and we tell you if what you've sentis correct, sufficient and of suitable qualityto make a great application.

That's our job.

We're not a visa-shop, or a place to drop off your completed application.

I'm getting some legal stuff done for myselfat the moment (ie.

boring property stuff), and the lawyertold me I need to prepare this.

Get this served.

And apply for that.

I said "You're the expert.

I'm not!" Iwant him to do this, and I will do exactly what he tells me to do, and I won't argueor complain that it's too hard.

Get experts to help you with the importantthings.

Get the best lawyers.

Get the best doctors.

Get the best builders.

And definitely get the best migration agentyou can, and follow what these experts tell you and while it won't necessarilybe easy, at least it will be done right! And we look forwardto the day when we send you your visa grant!.

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