LION Australian Premiere

It's so nice to be able to finish here just before Christmas It's an Australian film it was an Australian crew that made it Australian director It's fantastic this is where we end up it's kind of like the perfect end It feels kind of like one of those full circle moments The family is here we're on home turf in a way, it's beautiful It felt as though we were making a little Australian film A huge proportion of Australians in the cast not that the cast is big and 100% Australian crew so it did feel as though you were making a good Australian film Not a good Australian film it was a really classy Australian film It just feels so special to finally be sharing it at home I think the biggest challenge for me was realising the first half of the movie rested on the performance of a five-year-old child I think the way in which Garth has shot it and you see Tasmania and you see Melbourne When you see that juxtaposed against the Indian landscapes, they're both very important the landscapes and what they say in terms of the emotional storytelling It's so moving and there's so much pain and triumph in it At its core it's about love and that's something that I could really connect to and that's why I want to go and see is those hopeful journeys when I'm sitting in a dark room That's the world I want to be projected in to.

Source: Youtube