Let’s go for a bike tour of Australia with Ryosuke | Kaplan International English

My name is Ryosuke, I'm from Japan and I've been studying for four months in a Higher Intermediate class.

I'm going to travel around Australia, by bicyclebecause I want to do special and new things for me.

At that time I wasn't sure what I would do.

I saw a blog which is about biking trips and I found it very interesting.

I researched a lot on the internet for manymonths.

It's going to be a big trip, you know.

I'm going to go to Renmark which is famousfor the farm fruit pick job because I have to get a second Working visa.

I will arrange my meals by myself and I bought a stove for cooking and a pan.

I'll bring a lot of food! It will take one and a half years becauseI will not travel continuously.

If I find a good place, I will stay there a couple of weeks or a couple months.

I'm a bit nervous but excited!.

Source: Youtube