Kurt Hennessy – A day at work

My Name is Kurt Hennessy.

I am 22 years old and I have albinism.

Included in my disability is my vision that can include that mainly that my vision is is very blurry and that I ha involuntary eye movements and a high sensitivity to light.

I work for a company called Mobitec We work on passenger information systems in the public transport sector.

So that includes the visual displays that are on the front of busessaying where they go that can include internal passenger displays showing next stop information, voice announcements.

I came here for a couple of weeks' work experience of work experience initially.

They were very happy with the work I did and now I've stuck around for three and a half years.

As I left school I worked for a few months on lots of different skills, everything from resume assistance to occupation and mobility to interview skills.

Lots of different areas that the average person finds quite a bit easier than a person such as myself.

We found Mobitec here who I'd originally never really thought of, but it turns out the job suited me perfectly.

Vision Australia have been a great help because it wasn't it wasn't for their might never have this position.

I'm mainly sitting around in the office punching programs into my computer and whatnot, however there are many times I'll go on slide to deal with customers directly.

So for instance just today I was out of Blacktown demonstrating a system.

At first I'm a little bit little bit wary about things, but once i get used to an area it's no longer really a problem.

Luckily the software that I mainly spend my time on has its own sort of ways of making things bigger, not really intentionally but it's worked out perfect for me.

I've never really needed audio software as I've still got a bit of vision and I've always kind of prefered to just look closer at the screen.

I've got a nice little magnifying device which is very good to use when reading paper documents and whatnot.

When I started this company I noticed how a lot of the numbers were quite thin and a lot of the text may have been a quite squashed in.

Over time as each operator has needed an update I've gone ahead and put in some very nice large route numbers, I've ensured the destination of the bus stands out in a way that's far easier to see and I've ensured that there is consistency in the way all the text formatted.

Previously I probably would've been able to see it from 20 – 30 metres away in the absolute best conditions.

Now I'd say this I could recognise and see it at maybe twice the distance.

Source: Youtube