Kristyn’s Australia || Yura Mudang Studio Tour

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel, today I'm just gonna be doing a small apartment/dorm tour I live on campus at the University of Technology Sydney in the Yura Mudang housing, in a studio apartment.

So I will just be giving you a general tour of the space telling you what's included, what's not, things like that.

and yeah, let's get into it! *mumbling*.

It just opens with your card and there is this little do-dad, you just stick your card in here, and that's what turns on the lights You have to have this in for the lights to work.

Looking in, this is your view On the left- immediately on the left you have your kitchen sink, uh, these are just dishes.

this does not come with it.

Down here you have a trash can, which does come with it, so you have trash and recycling More cabinets down here.

One little drawer, this organizer did come with it, so that's nice Microwave, Another drawer down here, Fridge, Freezer It does also come with a toaster, Also comes with a kettle, I don't use mine, so it's still in the box, but you get one.

Then you have the stovetop here, which is nice and this little do-dad, You just do the switch here, you just flip, and you get a light or a fan, when you pull it out, which is really nice More cabinet space up here, they are pretty big cabinets, I have- this is three rows of glasses it goes back, so it's pretty big, and top and bottom, and you have three of those You do not have an oven.

So that is one thing to make sure you are aware of There's two on the eighth floor and one on the 21st floor.

So you can use those On the right, there's a door here, that's like a slide-y door, I normally just leave mine open, but you can close it, if you have people Uh, light.

This little shelf thing comes with it, but this is the only storage that you have in the bathroom, so that kind of sucks, but whatever Uh, toilet, little trashcan- it also does come with that- and this, uh, toilet bowl cleaner You have one towel hook here, and then two towel rod- a double towel rod type thing here Outlets right here, Sink, uh, this is my shower curtain, it does come with an ugly one, but this is mine from home, and then you get a little shelf in here that you can just put whatever on, and then, I just hang stuff over that too That is the wonderful shower head Um, yeah, it is all one room, there's a drain there, um, so that does kind of stink, my bathmat gets wet a lot of the time So, moving on.

We have the bedroom, Uh, mattress kind of sucks, but, whatcha gonna do? It is a, uh, king single which is basically like a twin XL in America, but slightly bigger Does not come with pillows, or blankets, or anything.

You have to get that on your own.

This little shelf thing is here, which is nice for storage You also get a lamp, which is cool It is bolted into the thing right here in the middle, which is not cool, but whatever Then you have a TV, which is mounted on the wall, you can turn it however you want, Also, you have to make sure that this little switch thing- this is the on position.

This is off, on, off So whatever one it's plugged into, you need to make sure that it's on for it to work.

This is the heater, there is no air conditioning in this apartment! but it's honestly not that bad, you just kinda get used to it.

Don't know how this works, haven't had to use it yet, but yeah.

Then you have a window, that's my little plant here, the window does open, which is nice.

Over here, you have a little, pull-out drawer system thing here there's just three drawers, they are pretty.

deep, they go pretty far back, which is nice.

Then you have the desk, which also has a lamp.

Uh, you also get this cork board, Then you have four little shelving units here, which are also fairly big.

um, my arm goes pretty- up to the elbow pretty much.

Pretty far back.

And then the last thing to show you is this giant wardrobe area.

Um this- There's one left one, and then two that open in the middle.

These two I use for my clothes, And this one I just use as extra storage, because like I said, there's like no storage in the bathroom, so it's all my extra bathroom stuff, my make up, stuff for laundry, extras of stuff.

And then this one, you have a little rod thing, there's an extra shelf up here, and then a shelf at the bottom And then on the right, this one has a full length mirror, and then, uh, you have one, two, three, four, five shelves, so that's nice as well.

So yeah, that's the general tour.

Um, when you're at the back, this is what it looks like So, that was my general tour of the space, if you have further questions, more details, you want something explained, things like that, you can leave it in a comment down below and I will respond back to you as soon as I can I hope that this was helpful and answered some of the questions you may have, Thank you so much for watching this video, if you liked it please give it a thumbs up, and I hope to see you guys back next time.


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