Kangaroo’s Modular Notebook hands-on from CES 2017

– Hi, this is Ben Shu,I'm the Director of Sales here in the U.


for Kangaroo Products.

Kangaroo Notebook is one ofthe new products we launched just in Q4 of last year.

It's a sort of continuationof the modular PC concept that we launched back in October of 2015, where we started with thisPC concept in a small box.

Basically a mini PC.

People were basically askingfor a smaller form factor, and we were basically able totake it and put it into this, and basically it's a twogigabyte, 32 gigabyte storage, cherry trail CPU device.

It's for family, kind ofparents with small children, and basically what we're sellingwith the Kangaroo Notebook is an 11-inch screen, keyboard,battery, and basically you've got two sticks, ortwo PCs, with Windows 10 as the SKU or as the combination.

And basically in 10 years,that one screen or one dock can now be used for twopeople or two users who choose to have separate computing environments.

So now they can basicallydo work on one, or home, versus maybe for the kidsthat might be more open-ended.

You could have it for generalpurpose use as opposed to very special use for home or work.

So that's the intent, it's a $299 package, it's available on Newegg.

We're hoping to basicallycontinue to the messaging and branding around Kangarooas a modular PC device.

*techno music plays*.

Source: Youtube