Kangaroo Valley: Stay, See & Eat

Hi I'm Danielle from Stuff It.

Go Travellingand today I'm staying at the [email protected] which is located in the Kangaroo Valley.

It's a beautiful little spot and I want toshow you what it looks like inside.

So come on let's go.

So this is the backyard, it's beautiful youcan see the rolling countryside in the background, and also the mountains in the background as well.

It's a great property, it's very modern andcountry inside.

It's a place you can get away from all the city traffic and just get backto nature and hear the birds chirping.

I've seen a bunch of kangaroos in the morningand also in the afternoons.

And it's just lovely and relaxed.

Hi I'm hear at Hampden Bridge, which is Australia'slast surviving wooden suspension bridge.

It's absolutely beautiful, it sort of lookslike the entrance of a medieval castle.

I'm here at the 'World's Best Pies', it'sa pie shop in Kangaroo Valley and I thought I'll just finish up my visit with a good oldsteak and mushroom pie.

Source: Youtube