Kangaroo Jack

Hey, Charlie, is that you? Tommy? – What are you doing here, guys? Your father said you were coming.

– Sal? Yes, this is his warehouse.

I did not know.

– You did not know? I did not know! Hey! Get your cops, Charlie! Are you crazy? I did not know, Tommy! I swear, I did not know! Come on, waffles! Damn it! – Attention.

Speak police of New York.

Surrounded you.

Come on, Charlie, hurry up! Waffles! Frozen from fear! Submit now! Go there! A live! – I repeat, give up.

Come on, Louis, come on.

What's wrong? Not my fault! Waffles upset! Probably you had to think before you vavlechesh in crime! Come on, girl! Let's go! Come on, get out! There is no way out, Lewis.

There is no way out.

Not true, Charlie.

Look at this.

I think I found out.

– You do not even know where he was going.

No! We can do it.

You can stay here if you want.

I descend the chute.

I love you Mom! Louis? Gone! – Where did they go? We lost them.

We are waiting for new instructions.


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