Kangaroo Farts Emit Harmful Methane for the Earth

It looks like cows aren't the only animals to blame for changing the planet's climate.

Scientists had previously thought that kangaroo stomachs were full of microbes that made their toots less harmful to the atmosphere.

They had hoped the microbes could help livestock animals, who currently contribute a lot of global greenhouse emissions.

But a new study published Nov.

4 in the "Journal of Experimental Biology" said there is nothing special about a kangaroo fart.

Study author Adam Munn said there have been a lot of ideas floating around suggesting kangaroos have unique gut microbes, but they aren't true.

The researchers sealed the animals in individual rooms and fed them alfalfa.

They measured the methane accumulating in each room and analyzed their poop.

The researchers found that kangaroos do produce less methane than cows, when individually compared, but when looking at emissions in relation to food intake, kangaroos come pretty close to cow methane production.

For NewsBeat Social, I'm Cambrie Caldwell.

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