Kangaroo Culling is ABSOLUTE F%#&ING BULLSHIT

The Culling of Kangaroos lead and instructed by the Australian government Is Utter Bullshit.

Our national icon slaughtered for political preference or persuasion.

Only one state or territory actually has a management plan and it is still used wrongfully in its execution.

The capital of Australia has had it's fair share of Kangaroo culling debates, but it is still always examined from a political landscape rather than a local one.

The main argument is that it protects the habitat of reptiles in lowland native grasslands due to a study done by the University of Canberra back in 2013, but then why is it that the continued culling in ACT is targeted primarily towards native mountain park lands within urban environments.

Local bush fire brigades have also found requests for burn offs increasing within suburban areas since the mid year culling of last year.

Now I don't have to work for the department of the environment to realise that the native wildlife living in a lowland native grasslands habitat would not survive a burn off.

Kangaroos have had 16 million years to evolve within a sustainable habitat.

Kangaroos also maintain there own population making sure to only live in groups of only 10 or less with no more than 3 groups in any one sustainable region.

If there is an over populations it is due to stress and anxiety towards there own survival.

During the day Kangaroos travel an average of 20klm just to graze and hydrate.

Our government still refuses to acknowledge the many studies done on migration patterns and the benefits they have on our ecosystem.

Killing a Kangaroo in a local area can have a much wider and diverse impact then may be apparent until they are no longer around.

Lets not over look the argument of Kangaroos effecting farmland either.

Kangaroos only graze on a fraction of which sheep do and are barely acknowledgeable considering the consumption of cows.

In most cases this argument is used by politicians or land owners who are more interested in housing development rather than species protection.

I'm sorry but Someone had to say it.

At one point we even cared about the stripped legless Lizard and the golden moth.

This argument was used to promote the culling of Kangaroos in parts of Belconnen in which are now prime real estate.

The Kangaroos where humanly killed via lethal injection which is extremely painful.

was only to hid the fact that the ground inwhich is now a flourishing residential area, was highly contaminated due to it's use by the defence department.

The even greater sadness to the culling of kangaroos is that there remains cannot be used for food or clothing which makes the death of the animal even more meaningless.

Which is probably the reason why the ACT Kangaroo Management plan still has sport in qoutation marks as a consideration.

Kangaroos should be left to there own instinctive behavior to help maintain the eco systems within Canberra.

They have been doing it allot longer than us and are doing a bloody good job of it too.

We need to stop buggering it up for them.

Canberran's love our wildlife and national parks, and maybe politicians should wait for us to create concern before making a decision towards the management of these areas.

And lastly.

For anyone worried about hitting a Kangaroo and it damaging your car.

Kangaroos are mostly killed at night on our many backstreets by drivers who are not doing the speed limit.

In the out back country drivers actually drive in the middle of the road to avoid them.

#IfuckinglovekangaroosI hope you do too.

*Gun Fire and Kangaroo's Dropping.

Source: Youtube