Kangaroo Checkers at breakfast in New Orleans

hey we're still in New Orleans and Jeffwanted me to show him Kangaroo Checkers so that's what we'regonna do.

It's the kangaroo die that adds six extra crazy moves which we'll show you Bishop Five.

alright going for the six.


take you out.



Queen 6! So, you could choose to keep theQueen 6, or you can go for the kangaroo Kangaroo! ok.

All right, come on kanagroo! Kangaroo.

Kangaroo! ok so you can pick any checker to goanywhere on the board except for on the enemy king.

Any of mine, right?Any of yours to land on any of mine.

All right, so do I get a six?Two! I get a knight.

oh I've got problems because the onlyone I can get you with is this one which opens up my king, but so what.


three but we we stopped when we make acapture.

So then he's just trying to capture my king.

I'm trying to capture his king.

And then we're playing of a little variation where we have six othercrazy moves we add in there.

My favorite is the princess.

[that's me.

You be the princess, I'll be the queen.

] Princess always gets her way, right? So, queen is usually the most powerful move on the board.

But, like I showed you, Queen has to stop when she makes a capture.

With Princess, she doesn't have to stop when she makes a capture.

so if he were to roll, say, Princess Four, she can't capture the king.

She has daddy issues.

But she can capture anything else, soshe could go one.



four and wipe out all those pieces.

My son callsher the little girl with the chainsaw.

Oh wow.

That's awesome.

And you can buy it on Amazon, he said.


Look it up.

I want to get the name of it.

What do we got? Bishop Four.







Well, you stop when.

I know, but I'm putting the pressure on.

All right.




Gotcha! Oh man! That trick never works.

Six! Ooh! Kangaroo baby.

Kangaroo! Alright.

Here we go.


Reroll the Numbers Die to find out what you have.

One OK, so you can pick king, pawn, knight.

Anything but it's going to be a ONE.


okay so I'm just gonna go here.

Okay, you're going as king Yeah, I can only go one, right? Pawn.



Uh oh.

Kangaroo, ladies and gentlemen.


oh my gosh.

Boom! oh man, pressure's on ok, here we can go.

C'mon, baby.


Oh man.


Yeah, you can get me, but you're going to open up yourself.

That's it.

That's my only move.


This is it, ladies andgentlemen.

It's a dangerous game Oh, Kangaroo! If I get Double Knight, I bet you I got you.

Joker But you can only go Two.



alright kangaroo! Or Bishop Six.

Yeah, look at that, this guy's gonna get me so yeah Yeah, you could use your bishop to get me.

Bye, sorry, kangaroo.


Sacrifice my kangaroo ok so down to the wire I got two piecesattacking.

I could get him with either a knight or a maybe a bishop or queen.

We're gonna see if I can do it.

Pawn! Pawn Six, but screw the kangaroo.

We're going to go capture theking.

He's dead.


Source: Youtube