Kangaroo Care: Skin-to-skin after birth – Summa Health

hello my name is holly keenan my motherbaby unit registered nurse and childbirth educator at Summa Akron CityHospital at Summa we want what's best for you and your baby as a baby-friendlydesignated hospital we are committed to helping educate and support our new momsthe best we can research has shown that skin-to-skincontact between moms and their babies offers numerous benefits a baby that hashad skin to skin contact is more likely to latch on for breastfeeding and morelikely to latch on well it helps maintain his body temperature evenbetter than I select helps maintain his heart rate respiratory rate and bloodglucose levels the baby is less likely to cry he's more likely to breastfeedexclusively and to breastfeed for longer and he will indicate to his mother whenhe's ready to feed at Summa we encourage mothers to have as much skin to skincontact with the baby that they can particularly in that first hour afterdelivery helping to facilitate bonding and givingbabies the best start in life we want that magical power of life to be oninterrupted which means the way it can wait for more information visit SummaHealth dot org / baby friendly.

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