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We've done a few storieson unique pets before but this next one has to be my favourite and I'm sure the fact that it comesfrom my home country of Australia has nothing to do with that.

Meet fellow Aussie Jackson O'Doherty and his BFF a pet baby Kangaroo named Damian! O'Doherty who has released ayoutube video featuring himself and his seemingly inseparable bouncy friend in which they can be seen swing on swings, running at high speeds through the park.

Crossing and chasing each other over bridges.

Building sand castles to which Damianalmost shows a cat like interest at what O'Doherty is doing and visiting a store to which andold lady asks about Damians age and his owner responds: "Ah.

She is 46.

" Lady, "46?" The video has now gone viral and shows the possible bond betweena baby kangaroo and a human.

However, while the story is fun.

We would like to emphasize that noteveryone can keep a kangaroo as a pet and you do need detailed knowledgeabout the animal to do so you also need to obtain a speciallicense along with the knowledge that the kangaroo may ultimatelyhave to be returned to the wild.

But until then you can definitely findcheckout O'Doherty's Facebook page because they sure are a fun looking bunch!.

Source: Youtube