Kangaroo Attack! – RT Shorts

*didgeridoo music and panicked pants* Okay, that's somebody else's problem now Is that Gus? Did we forget to feed Gus? No! You know how they sent us all the stuff because we're going to RTX Sydney? No Well, they also sent us this huge crate and I might have.

let a giant kangaroo out of it *Kangaroo screeches and bangs on door* So, Burnie, you're telling me that there's a kangaroo out there? Yeah You know how much I love kangaroos, Burnie! I've always wanted to meet one, but I've never had the chance ! UH k-k-k-k-k-kuh Hey, little guy! *Kangaroo chirps* *Kangaroo roars* *Chris screams* *He screams a lot* He's gone, and he accomplished so little in life! Pull yourself together, god dammit! *slapping sounds* *punch*Oof! Stahp.

Sorry No, You're right Blaine What do I care if Chris is gone? He's was just a fifteen year old in a fourteen year old body, right? W-We can figure this out! We're three grown men! and Marshall Uh, maybe something in the box can help? Whats in the box? Uh, um, boots! Boots? Uh, vest? Uh, Crocodile Dundee hat? Uh, oh! We got Tim Tams! Uh, d-d-da.


Dibs dibs dibs dibs dibs.

Ok, uh.

We got this weird wooden knife thing *in Australian accent* Thats not a knife this is a knife- Seriously.

That's a boomerang.

How do you not know that? Give that to me-it's sharp on the edges- It might come in handy! I can wing it at its stupid head, right? Ready? See you down under.

IN HELL! *HYAH* *THONK*OH! Oh! God! How did that come back? God dammit, Australia! Okay, um, maybe we can lull it to sleep do we have like, uh.

a didgeridoo! We didgeri-don't.

We do have Foster's though Oh! That's a good idea! If we get the kangaroo drunk, it'll pass out! It's perfect!Go for it! N-no.

well, it's, your idea You should do it, right? It's a good idea Hey, little guy I got you a Foster's I know you like your Foster'sPlease just take it Please, please take it I think he likes it! Oh! No! Oh, no! He just punched Marshall's head off.

God, that's not good! Woah.

Free beer! Alright, so we- oh! That fucker! He shook it up, God dammit! Wow.

That is.

that is really terrible.


We have got to step up our game.

Couldn't agree more Jesus Christ, you carry a gun? Yes.

That's awesome I know.

Texas rules.

It certainly does and gentlemen, I think it's time we showed this down-under fucker some Texas payback Crikey Ya knives won't help ya Ya guns won't help ya What're you talking about? Ya know what ya dealing with? That's a wild animal out there A large, fierce marsupial only understands one thing Handjobs.


Australian justice! Ya wanna beat the kangaroo? Ya gotta be the kangaroo You want me to box a kangaroo?It just punched off Marshall's head He always had a weak neck Wait, Burnie.

He's right.

We need to do this with honor Listen, I've been training for seemingly nothing my entire life, but now I know why It's to beat the shit out of a kangaroo Good idea.

You do it No Blaine, it has to be me I normally wouldn't do this, but today I am all about kicking ass and eating Tim Tams and I am one third out of Tim Tams I'll do it-Good idea- No! Not you Never you It's got to be me Burnie: That's a good idea.

You should do it Dude, you're so cool *Screams and kangaroo screeches* *a lot of screams* I thought Josh was from Houston? That bastard.

brought a knife to a kangaroo fight *weakly*Miles.

hit me with a Tim Tam Oh, uh, this is my last one Son of a- blehhh Oh my god! This is the Prime Minister of Australia! They must have sent her as an ambassador for RTX Sydney *hushed* Australians are so sweet Aw, man.

We gotta help her Nah.

we need to put her out of her misery You're gonna shoot her? I'm gonna beat her to death with this Out of respect for Australian gun laws and.

for honor Yeah, plus, this way it'll just look like she got hit by a car Yeah, exactly! AH!.

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