Jeffrey Smart Building Tour – University of South Australia

Hi, I'm Alyssa, a nursing student, and today I'm excited to take you on a tour around the University of South Australia's Jeffrey Smart building.

This building opened on the 28th of April 2014 and it is named after the great Australian artist, Jeffrey Smart, who is an iconic artist and an accomplished draftsman and graduated right here from UniSA.

The building also has an inflatable screen, where you can watch movies, sporting events, world events, and it's a great way for students to unwind and enjoy the social aspects of the building.

Students and staff can also access wireless on every level and outside.

So let's get this tour started.

Here at the Security and FM Assist office, you can get room keys, security support and an escort if you're walking to your car at night.

Also, just as you walk out, there's a library book return shoot that you can use after hours with your student card.

Now, follow me to our massive Media Wall.

Along with our inflatable screen, is our media wall.

It's used for movies, public lectures, university information, world events and sport events.

Now let's go to the west end kitchen.

The west end kitchen is Jeffrey Smart building's very own cafe situated on level one.

You can come and enjoy your morning coffee or lunch and eat it either inside or in the Hoj Plaza.

Then up the stairs on level two is where you can get help if you need it.

By selecting a support service using the ticket machine, you grab your ticket and head up to the desk.

At these desks, you can get help from a variety of services, including Library Services, Campus Central Help, Disability Services and Counselling, Enrolment and ID cards.

You can also get career advice and support at the CareerShop on level one.

Now let's go check out the Tech Zone.

The Tech Zone provides students and staff with the opportunity to test drive new and innovative technology.

Currently featuring 3D goggles and gaming consoles, this space will continuously evolve as technology does.

Now, let's go check out the library.

This one's a little bit tricky to show you, as it's spread across all five floors, and completely integrated into other facilities.

But to make it easier, each floor is divided into different subjects.

So, you've got Law on level six, level five is Arts, level four is Science and Humanities and level three is Business.

We also have meeting rooms that students can book for private study and group work.

So, I can borrow books, search for journals, use one of the 600 student computers, search over 1,000 online articles and ebooks.

Every second floor also has kitchens for students to warm up their lunch using one of the nine sandwich presses and ten microwaves.

This is the collaborative teaching space In this space, students can use the touch screens and connect their laptops, computers and portable devices.

Our tutors and lecturers can share student work and key information by connecting all the computers to the touch screen just by one click of a button.

This tour has gone through a lot of the building's services, so if you're feeling a little lost, all you have to do is go to a digital wayfinding screen.

I'll take you there now.

Each level has a digital wayfinding touch screen.

You can use this screen to book a room, find a service or find what computer is free.

So, this is the inside of the building, but we all know how important fresh air is, so let's go check out the balcony.

This is our balcony, where students and staff can come and study, work or just have a nice cup of coffee and relax, but best of all, you can enjoy the amazing city views.

Thank you for joining me on my tour today.

Now you've seen my experience of this incredible building, you'll have to come and check it out for yourself.

So, come and have a look.

Source: Youtube