Japanese Try Australian Candy

Hello! Also thank you for coming to the world of food reviews today! Today, it is the various sweets review of Australia! So, we are very excited.

First, Della's, Rick's, Thank you very much.

We are brought things so a lot.

We were allowed to join us until the meal.

It was a really big luggage.

Snack or the like from Tasmania in Australia.

I now cold healing of the over, Voice it's still strange.

Kikinikui there might be a place.

I'm sorry.

The wearing Why T-shirt? Australia is now, because it is summer.

I wanted to feel the cold of Australia.

I see.


Della, trying to ask someone to send the Australian wind.

The beginning of the food is, "party mix" Natural Conference is made click Shona Lee Company.

Artificial coloring and flavored synthetic not yet been.

please look.

Very interesting form.

True true.

It has various forms.

What is this? It snake.

dinosaur, this, What that? Maybe, dentures.

Ee'? Dentures.

I am never seen the candy of such form.

Me too.

I eat this.

You are? I will be in the snake.

I snake.

Taste of the natural snake? I do not know because never ate.

It feels like gummy is.

Texture of marshmallows to gummy candy I think white place is that it is marshmallow.

Pink, milky strawberry.

that is? Taste, such as between lemon and melon.

Lemon and melon? Really? that's right.

It's a lemon and melon.


This is the milk? maybe.

Come to eat.


I try to eat this.


I milk.

I think so.

This would be Nanimi.

See eat! Is this what a to, I can not remember.

I think that not a grape.

This can not be said with pinpoint! Does this say what, Taste of "happiness".

The following are Pozzu Pozzu apple crumble.

Apple crumble as I.

That's interesting! It shall be deemed to be replaced, "Apple crumble flavor will overflow.

" This taste chocolate? maybe.

To open it! Looks delicious.

I less than the package of the picture.

But, so I good.

In the above creamy milk chocolate Wafers, which was crispy marked with.

In the form, such as shellfish.

Apple Crumble flavor of the cream has been applied.

very delicious.


Looks delicious.

I like pie is in the small snack.

Something in Japan, I think there was a snack similar.

I do not think so? But, completely different from that of Japan.

THIS IS GOOD This is a delicious snack.

i love this.

This delicious.

The crispy and the texture, Very smooth chocolate And, the flavor of the apple scent faintly.

Also milk chocolate.

I do not like this taste, be enjoyed.

Me too.

I love.

This is delicious! The following is, of Cadbury, picnic.

Picnic Furaguri Furaguri Meaning that ugly fruit.

It is written so.

Picnic Fabry-raisin.

Raisins, has been referred to as the alias "ugly fruit".

As caramel.

It also contains wafers.

Wafers and caramel, It has been wrapped in milk chocolate.

At the same peanut.

Do not forget raisins.

Because file Glee fruit.

This is, that's the taste of the street, which was expected.

And very sweet, I think that delicious drink and coffee or tea.

But it is available here.

The following is Violet Crumble It is Nestle.

Violet Crumble! I know? There is also in the United States.

I'm certain I "divided by broken how is important at the time.

" Kana us divided? Thank you.

What's on the inside? Kana Hanikon not it? I think Hanikon.

Very light.

Very light texture.

It melts in the mouth.

Strange! Strange? why? It melts in the mouth.

I favorite a do of my sister.

Her of favorite Nisato candy This is also from Cadbury.

Cherry Ripe.

Does this say what, Oh, it says here.

Ripe juicy cherries and coconut, are in the rich dark chocolate.

Great taste.

Let's divide.

It's red.

This is unexpected.

But it because Cherry.

At the same coconut.

Around dark chocolate.

Cherry and coconut are wrapped in dark chocolate.

I do not that this is eaten.

It coconut.

And, also cherry flavor.

I come from later.

First, I thought the cherry flavor is thin.

Coconut is strong, Cherry of taste comes from after.

As it said.

In Australia, perhaps, The season of cherry.

Cherry? maybe.

In Japan, it is a 6-month season.

so? is that so.

Satoshi is, I was born and raised in Cherry land.

His hometown is famous for its cherry.

Very tasty cherry leaves.

Most in Japan.

And very high! But, we are free.

Because parents to send us.

next, Raspberry Twist Raspberry Twist.

I think that this is, I love you.


That's a company called Daroaria.

Australian company.

Thank you from Australia! Daberuria? Daiaria? Daroaria Darrell.

This is I'm very much looking forward.

I love Rico Riche.

You hate.

This is you.

This Rico Riche surprise to very thick.

The first time so thick Rico Riche.

America's is, Toka much that this half.

What are you doing? It is stretched.

're Stretched? Why the same thing I wonder I also do.

It fruity.

Not bad.

I think this is a good taste.

This is delicious.

very delicious.

I feel only the taste of raspberry.

Really? Taste is a little.

Ish rubber.

I do not think so? Such as a rubber band.

Raspberry-flavored rubber band? How? I agree with you.

It would be why.

But I like Rico Riche, I think my favorite taste.

But I this Rico Riche, eaten.

Because not the taste of ordinary Rico Irish? Black one, cause I hate.

Let's go to the next.

The following is from the same company, Daroaria Rico Irish chocolate.

Preparation is good? It's the smell of Rico Risch.

But, because it is chocolate-filled.

That's the taste of eating familiar Rico Riche.

This is probably all right.

Della also, this is because I have to say that not to eat so much difficult.

Because chocolate is in the inside of Rico Risch.

cheers! Surprised.

When you eat Rico Riche is, But there is nothing of the resistance, Because there is a chocolate piece in, It is crisp.

Straight it came in, hard.

not bad.

I like.


Let's go next.

Do not do it.

Do not eat.


Notes of when he ate Rico Irish, I'm like a lot of people.

Very funny.

It is watching all day.

truly, If you like Rico Riche, this is love.

Even without'm fan of Rico Irish, I think that this is easy to eat.

Because it contains chocolate in.

Flavor is not so strong.

The following are Tuikkusu This is know.


This was thought it would be in the United States.

Because widely enters the hand in the United States.

But maybe, this is I think something of Australia.

Australia Domestic material as that made with imported material.

Mar scan chocolate.

I do not know.

Maybe it is Australia.

It's the day of Australia today.

To open it.

Delicious combination of biscuits and milk chocolate and caramel and crispy.

sounds delisious.

I do not remember one day ate this at the end, This I love.

This, the same as the Tsuuikkusu know of you? Yes Yes.

The same.

While the crispy, like a caramel.



I love.

This it was my favorite chocolate.

I was a child.

My favorite thing.

Why I know what love is this.

Understand? Very well-balanced, it will be a lot of texture.

Yes Yes.

Another certain of is, happy.

We go next.

This is also Cadbury It is a bar of great chocolate.

Dairy Milk Lamington flavor Lamington.

I know? Do not know.

Lamington is, Of Australia and New Zealand, it is quite symbolic dessert.

is that so.

I do not know which way the country thing, The picture is it? It Lamington.

This is, in milk chocolate, And raspberry flavor of jam, And flavor of vanilla cake It contains the coconut.

sounds delisious.

It contains something.

Yeah, right.

Kana coconut? Maybe coconut.

It does not seem raspberry jam.

This is it.

I see.

It's a very rich taste of chocolate.

It spread in the mouth.

Taste of raspberry jam.

At the same coconut.

Mix in the mouth.

Milk chocolate is a very smooth, Cadbury is I'm making delicious.

This is love.

Taste of vanilla cake I do not so much.

Vanilla cake Vanilla cake? It does not vanilla taste.

Me too.

Good job! The next, which is also chocolate Cadbury.

Rocky Road.

Rocky Road chocolate bar.

This is I'm looking forward to.

I love Rocky Road.

He will be made.

Also twice.

DOO Japanese style of things from the old days.

I made a video in the days of just getting started with YouTube.

That's two years ago.

So, two years ago.

One is common, one was made in Japanese style.

Because you do not put a link to the above, If you want to see, I look for good old days of video.

Because so much is not a good can of video.

Let's eat.

This mine is.

Oh, nice.

The rest of me.

It came something immediately.

It marshmallows.

Pink thing is marshmallow? Cherry flavor of jelly.

Taste of milk is.

But I milk chocolate do not eat too much, This is I'm delicious.

Really? It is not like you.

Because he does not eat only dark chocolate.

He is good even if the milk chocolate.

I because he told me delicious still this milk chocolate.

We, I've taken it to the last.

Tim Tam! Huh symbolic snack of Australia.

Fun because this taste is not in Japan.

Mango flavor.

'm A taste mango! in Japan, There are only about four from the 3.

Original, dark chocolate, milk chocolate Toka So, I'm happy.

Please Come on.

I love Tim Tam.

Tim Tam Have you ever ate? A.

When? I do not remember.

I several times.

I do not storage are eating with me.

Really? It gave me.

It mango flavor.

Really scent.

It mango.

That's tropical.

mango! It mango.

We I love mango.

I love mango.

that's right.

What I ate for the first time Tim Tam is, Maybe, before about five years.

I became addicted.

The other I often, I had eaten almost every day.

I remember a friend? From Australia.

Me I bought always Tim Tam.

I loved.

Me have always bought.

Della's Thank you.

Also likely to catch fire in the poisoning.

Which is like the best? It's hard, is not it.

Or two Pick? OK.

one, This, Pozzu I Pozzu.

And, Tim Tam.

is that so.

I like so much.

My favorite is, I also love this.

This, indescribably that were combined in the complex texture and flavor.


Very good balance.

The second is, Rocky Road chocolate bar of Cadbury I love this Milky is.

Really sweet, Really this, love.

Even though some of you like Rocky Road.

The two are my favorite.

Did today's food review how? What favorite is which became worried about? I let in the comments.

Della's, Rick, thank you very much.

And who bring so heavy memories, Restaurant until To bother.

Thank you very much.

Part 2 also you can immediately.

Beer also contains four types.

And, like sweet candy.

Thank you for seeing.

When you click the "i" in the above, other food review is seen.

In addition to next time.


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