Introducing Australia’s Great Southern Reef

The Great Southern reef is Australia'sinterconnected system of temperate rocky reefs straddling five states over eight thousand kilometers of coastline.

As a global biodiversity hotspot thegreat southern reef is home to some of the most unique temperate marine organisms in the world.

Kelp forests are the biological powerhouse feedingdirectly into coastal ecosystems as food and nutrients, supporting the richmarine life.

The Great Southern reef is an economic driver throughout coastal communities right along Australia's Southern coastline.

The Great Southern reef is a valuable natural asset to Australia.

For industries such as tourism hospitality, recreational and commercialfishing surfing and scuba diving.

It contributes more than ten billion dollars per yearto our economy by recognizing the Great Southern reef as an entity we hope toboost awareness about the many challenges the reef faces in thefuture.

The health of the Great Southern rate is critical to the continuedsustainability of our country.

Livelihoods depend on it.

Source: Youtube