Interview with Tan Weiwei – Australia Plus

I was wearing shorts in rehearsal.

Then I noticed the doubtful looks from the others.

They were being very proper in a classical way.

They might think I was being a bit too casual just like a kid.

However, as soon as I started singing, I could see the warmth from their eyes immediately.

It doesn’t matter what kind of music you practice, may that be from the East or from the popular mass, as long as you are on the same stage, you will be absorbed into a collective whole.

We are all complementary to each other.

This sense of collectivism comes very naturally, just like breathing.

During that 10 minutes or so, I felt like we had been integrated into one.

The support they had offered brought me a lot of confidence.

Melbourne is considered the most liveable city, what do you think? Very comfortable.

I walked yesterday and today.

I like walking when I visit a new city just to have a good feel of the place and its people.

I saw lots and lots of buskers and street artists.

I was very touched by it and almost in tears.

Being a Melbournian is a lucky thing just from this aspect alone.

Source: Youtube