Interview with Tan Dun – Australia Plus

The most unique aspect of our Lunar New Year concert this year, or The Chinese New Year concert is that rather than simply adapting the western system and structure.

We reinvented the Chinese tradition, rendering it into something avant-garde, pioneering I think this would be something very exciting for music lovers around the world, including those from a Western Classical background.

Their reaction was ‘this is really innovative and new’, when Western Classical music hits the wall, why would this new element, new arrangement and new vocality attract so many fans?’ ‘How come such a traditional and ancient vocal form is capable of this achievement?’.

This is exactly why I am always thrilled to be back to the Lunar New Year concert, My initial connection with Australia was largely through the Indigenous culture.

I have been particularly fascinated by some interesting cultural concepts, such as songlines and dream world.

I came across something very similar when exploring Chinese traditional music.

For example, when I was searching the fast-disappearing Miao (one of the ethnic groups in China) music Things from hundreds of years ago… I almost felt like I was actually living there years and years ago in the village with Miao people.

I was greatly inspired by the Australian Indigenous culture.

Source: Youtube