Interview: B1A4 (South Korea) chats about Road Trip World Tour and Australia

Personally I went to Australia about 10 years ago as an international student I’ve been there and had a great time.

I went there for two weeks.

I visited Sydney and small town called Tamworth I visited the school there with my Korean friends I did see kangaroos running around.

I had a great time.

My acquaintance who had been there recommended me the Sydney Opera House as a must-see You’ve been there right? The Opera House is a great place Australia is a country with a high quality of life Personally I would like to stay there for few months for a trip I would like to give food to feed to the kangaroos I really want to do it.

I never saw it Sam Hammington is from Australia He said that you will need a proper certificate to feed kangaroos.

So you won’t be able to do that Also Wolverine from X-Men is from Australia too We are very excited because fans there waited for us for so long On our SNS they posted a post about why not visiting our countries We would love to see you! We were frustrated that we could not do anything about it We really wanted to go there and there was no way This time we will have opportunities to see our fans in other countries We are happy about it We would love to see them as soon as possible New to everyone? For fans that haven’t met us before.

All of our songs are new to them I think.

We haven’t met them before We are working hard to prepare our performances for them We hope they are looking forward to seeing our performances We will be enjoying our rest of year We are performing ‘Solo Day’ and we are on our first world tour 2014 will become a year for our memories We will finally meet our fans overseas We also need to prepare for end of year events.

We would like to do many things Yes.

Everyone will finally get to meet us soon.

I would love to see you all We will do our best to prepare for our performances Please looking forward to seeing our performances That’s all from B1A4 Let’s fly B1A4.

Thank you.

Please enjoy our show.

Source: Youtube