Ingles Australiano- Acento Australiano Ft.Sarepa | Acá En Australia

hey you guys, how is it going? We are Juliana Medina and Sarepa and we are here IN AUSTRALIA, HERE IN AUSTRALIA Today, I'm with Sarepa from Sarepa.

Com and we are going to talk about about Australian Slang And the differences between Australian, American and British english so, let's get started where are you from Sarepa? I'm from Australia, I live in Brisbane but I love Colombia I have a blog all about Colombia, traveling, living in Colombia.

I do really love Colombia we are doing a colab video, so please go a check out Sarepa's channel there is a link just here one of the biggest differences on the Australian english is the -er at the end of a word Water in american english is water but how do you Australians pronounce this word? and in British english? It is little more fancy Australia is also famous because you make every word shorter because we are very lazy I'm sorry but we are for example, how do you pronounce avocado? but they do the same with people's names.

Source: Youtube