Indonesia Suspends Military Cooperation With Australia

Indonesia suspends military cooperation with Australia.

The decision was made after offensive teaching materials were found at an Australian military installation in Perth.

Reports indicate those materials allegedly demeaned the Pancasila, Indonesia's founding ideology of religion and society.

Indonesia's military spokesman says there's no time limit for the suspension, but he's pleased with Australia's response.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Indonesia's president tells Reuters the military acted alone to suspend ties, adding the situation has been exaggerated.

Australia's defense minister released a statement on Wednesday, Jan.

4, which says the investigation into the incident is being finalized.

The statement goes on to emphasize Australia's commitment to building a strong defense relationship with Indonesia.

The two militaries have long cooperated on several fronts, including counterterrorism efforts.

However, there was a brief interruption in 2013 due to a wiretapping dispute.

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