Indian Students Life in Australia!

Today I'm gonna share my public personal review about student life in Australia and you should take a student visa of Australia or not! I have been through it so I am sharing with you, it might help you out or it might not! Everybody have personal and different opinion and reviews and ahh; so yeah If you're thinking about going to Australia for study and u'r thinking about to coming back after study! Good to go, you should go.

Green light but if you are thinking that once you go there yougonna get permanent residency after finishing a study I don't think youshould be confident about it from now because they, Australian government theyare changing the rules every six months or every one year so the conditionsthere you go from here and you think that after nine months you'll get aVisa or after 18 months you get a Permanent Residency, Don't trust it!because it's a hack lot of struggle! I would like to tell something about myself I'vebeen through there so that's why I'm sharing with you I went in Australia in Sept '08 I guess not sure but yeah approximately around at the end of '08 I have expected a lot that Excuse me.

I'mgonna do this I'm gonna do that nothing worked and I tell you why once I went there I started my job in conveniens 24 hours to call Seven Eleven was getting $8 an hour that's a minimum wagerate you can get and in the first place you are on the Student Visa andnobody will be able to give you a job and you will it is really hard for youto get a job in the supermarkets like Woolies(Woolworth), Coles, BigW or something like that as a checkout operator.

Its not easy if u'r luck really works then you can get the job there but it's like two to three percentage outa hundred percent so that's how it is; And I got a job at store for 12 hours a shift, I was working from 8pm to 8am in the morning 12 hours Iwas getting hundred bucks and the guy who was relieving me every morning, he supposed to come at eight o'clock in the morning but he was just like me, he was struggler andhe was coming at nine o'clock in the morning because he was coming by trainand walking all the way for three or four miles.

And so.

so I understood and I am not blaming him so this is what the problem; so you gonna end up working really hard with a question markin your head and thinking that I cannot even spend the money for my foodin expenses and the living expensive and rent and everything how can I get to extend my visa, not PR but student visa that's the big question so the people thinks about gettingpermanent residency if your family background is really rich and powerfuland they've got a lot of money and your purpose is to going there and finish yourMaster's or PhD or whatever you choose and coming back to India go ahead go forit but if you are thinking you gonna get Permanent Residency there's going to be a question! It depends on many things.

First is yourluck, second is circumstances about you; third, the situation and scenario about your financial situation and forth, the immigration rules and lawsand all that.

so there are many things works on the visa to get Permanent Residency; ah if you are middle class and u'r planning or thinking to going there.

you got no money and you taking LoanMortgage Loan, or State Bank of India student loans and all that! don't do those kind of crap stuff becauseyou are already middle-class you know that and once you go there you are not even be able to pay your own fees and your own visa extensions, how you gonna payyour loan that you took from India on top of it you have to take care of your family too.

your Mom and Dad is expecting money and help from you because you're getting older, you gonna get marry and get a hell lot of things you needs think about so I think you shouldn't choose not choose if you areonly more than I guess more than Rs.

15,000 in India a month I don't think youshould go! Do something about yourself in India stick with your parents, stay with them, enjoy the life there.

and enjoy the festivals and get a lot and lot of things good in India better than here so I would suggest if you're going to apply for working visa, Please go that's a good thing but if you're thinking togetting a student visa and get permanent residency after that and you thinking the student is a pathway toreach permanent residency or PR.

Forget about that I tell you really forgetabout I've been through I don't like it and that's a lot of struggle again you'dup doing shit work that you never expected in your life that you gonna beend up doing this but you have to do it You gotta do it, No choice!! Who gonna tell your parents? U'r parents will tell you get the hell out of there and come back to you and you gonna start everythingfrom India it's your choice so choose the wise choice and be we wiser and thinkabout what you are going to do if it's connected to your life and you'rethinking a selfish life go ahead but if you're thinking about family andyourself or your life, you should not! Thanks for watching and thats my personal review many people think that they have a different view they have a different opinion Irespect that! and I do believe many people have a different view anddifferent opinions and so this is my personal opinion so don't get offendedits nobody, I have faced it I've been through so Im sharing with you.

Thank you very much and you have a great day!.

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