Ian Freeman from Australia visit the Derby Cordoba loft (2013)

>>Robert:Hello,>>Ian:Hello Robert.

>>Robert:What do you think about our derby and about the form condition about the pigeons? >>Ian:I think at this point, at this point when you track exercise them around the loft, they are beautiful pigeons, absolutely gorgeous.

I think another month and this pigeons jumping in the air, hang in another world in another month.

Here what you got is absolutely fantastic.

Pigeons seem thin and very settle very continued I think the general condition.

They haven’t done any mile, but work around the loft.

For that point, the condition help them gonna work good.

The feather is beautiful and the eyes is sparkly.

The quality is very nice they all have a very good chance.

>>Robert:Will you visit us on the final? >>Ian:Yes, I will for few days, maybe 2 days before.

Do you have an auction?Direct or on website? >>Robert:Yes, direct and on the website.

>>Robert:Will you participate again next year? >>Ian:100%, I think the same amount of pigeons like this year, but I will send from England, so do you have pick up there? >>Robert:Yes, he does speaks perfectly Spanish and English.

>>Robert:Will you recommend us? >>Ian:Yes, 100%You guys are very enthusiastic.

>>Ian:Good position here, where exactly the bird come from? Direction?>>Robert:Over there >>Ian:How far is the ocean from here? >>Robert:We don’t fly the ocean, we fly over the mountainOver mountains and the sun that is the hard things in our race.

Also we don’t lose many pigeons, we focus on get a lot of pigeons back, not like other derbys I don’t want to name them, if you know what I mean.

>>Ian:Exactly, I think you give every pigeons a chance to win.

>>Ian:I would love to come back in 6-7 weeks time to look at the pigeon, there will be great then I think.

>>Ian:It still early, so that pigeon can recover, can be out and go.

This pigeon has still a chance to win the race.

Officially >>Robert:What you say without training? >>Ian:I am very happy, about the pigeons you showed me.

With a bit of training the pigeons will be boom.

>>Robert:We start from low, 3km, 5k, 10km and so on.

Source: Youtube