I Ask Australian Daniel If Australians Are Tough

What would Australian Daniel look like?He would probably have one of those Australian hats, with those fly swatter bobbles, andthat thing with all the Alligator teeth.

He would have a scar he got from fightingan Alligator.

And a beard.

There, that looks like Australian Daniel.

Hello Australian Daniel! I always figuredthat Australians were pretty tough, is that true? Yeah I reckon we are pretty tough.

But I guesswe are a product of our environment.

There are a lot ofthings that will kill you in Australia.

Well we have some things that can kill youhere is Canada.

We have bears! Bears? Nah, bears aren't dangerous.

Spidersare dangerous! Do you have highly venomous bears hiding under your beds in Canada? Nah,didn't think so.

We have venomous spiders in Australia that could be lurking anywhere.

Bears are big and loud, not to worried about bears myself.

What about Hockey? That's a pretty tough sport! Hockey! Hockey is for pussies! Skating aroundwith a bunch of pads and helmets.

Try Rugby! No pads, no helmets, full contact.

That'sa tough sport! I'm sorry Danny Boy, Australians are justway tougher than Canadians.

We live on a continent full of venomous snakes and spiders, surroundedby sharks.

Hmmmm, well, now I am tired of talking toyou Australian Daniel, so now I have to drown you in maple syrup.


What! Oh no! Not maple syrup, my one weaknessas an Australian.

Ahh fuck I'm going to die now! Gurgleeee.

Source: Youtube