How to use Trove: Finding Australian pictures

Hi, I’m from the Trove Support team, and I’m going to show you how to find Australian pictures in Trove.

Picture Australia was integrated into Trove in June 2012.

The integration allows the National Library to improve search tools across a wide range of content, use faster technologies which provide more capacity for innovation and deploy better ways to load new images of Australiana.

We’ll start from the Trove homepage – we just need to type trove.



Au into the browser Next we click on the ‘Pictures, photos, objects’ zone from the home page of Trove We can then tick the ‘Available online’ and ‘Australian content’ boxes underneath the main search box.

I’m interested in finding images of Ned Kelly so I’ll type ‘ned kelly’ into the search box.

Then click search.

You can further refine your search using the ‘Advanced search’ screen.

I now want to find paintings of Ned Kelly.

First I’ll enter the phrase ‘ned kelly’ into one of the search boxes.

Because I want paintings of Ned Kelly rather than by Ned Kelly I’ll leave it set to ‘Keyword' We’ll continue to limit the results to ‘Australian content’ If you were interested in paintings from a certain time you could limit the search by year.

You can search for a particular kind of image.

This is where I will choose ‘Art work’, in order to find paintings rather than photographs.

finally, as I want to see which paintings are available online I’ll select ‘online’ from the box next to Availability.

This has narrowed the search to paintings of Ned Kelly which are available online.

We hope you enjoy searching for Australian pictures in Trove.

If you’re interested in learning more about Trove, why not check out our other ‘How to videos’? Trove is available online now and we hope you like it!.

Source: Youtube