How to find Australian and international standards

When looking for Australian or internationalstandards start by opening Australian Standards, which can be found through Primo Search.

Simply search for Australian standards andfollow the links to view online.

On the Quick Search page enter the referencenumber and select to search just “Australian” standards or “all’ to include internationalstandards.

Tick the “within subscription only” boxto ensure you will be able to view the full text of any results.

If you don’t have the reference number youcan also search using the standard title or keywords.

If you are unsure of the reference numberor title you can also use the “subject search” to locate relevant standards.

After you locate the standard click the “viewdocument” icon, and then the “Open Document” button to read the full text.

Standards can only be viewed by one user ata time.

If the standard you need is currently is useyou will see this screen.

As a courtesy to other users once you havefinished accessing the standard click “subscription logout” to make the standard available toother users.

For further help take a look at the onlinehelp topics or contact the Library.

Source: Youtube