How to Cook Kangaroo & Maize Bush Style

(birds calling in distance) – [Grayson] Cuttingup the onions, sweetie? Just one small onion, for the sauce.

What else we got there? Carrot? – [Christina] Carrots.

– [Grayson] One carrot? – [Christina] One carrots carrots.

– [Grayson] So just cookingthe sauce in our small pot.

– We should've brought garlic – [Grayson] 700 mil pot.

Putting the bacon in.

Concentrated tomato paste.

What's that, 'bout? So that's 140 gram pack, just put roughly 60 or70 grams tomato paste in with the onion and bacon.

And also, the carrotwill go into the sauce.

Bit of water in there, yeah? Sweetie? Water? Fire's lit, the fire.

– Putting a tiny bit.

– [Grayson] Tiny bitof our peas in there.

Probably 10 grams, about the same as the chicken afritada recipe.

So, just a very smallsauce to go on the side with the corn maize which we're very keen to test out here in the bush.

Gonna put it in the big pot here.

We've got about 250 grams of corn maize.

So, it looks a bit like flour, but it's more coarse.

Great ultra light trail food.

Get close on that.

So I'll just put a small amount in there.

I've got probably 500mil of boiling water.

Immediately just start mixing it.

So you just keep adding it.

And you'll know it'sready once the consistency of it is about the same as mashed potato.

And that's exactly what itlooks like when it's finished.

Careful, the camera can'tstay there too long.

If the maize starts to become too thick, you just add more boiling water.

And I think that's what's happening now, we are getting a bit thick.

Come close.

Still mixing the maize, Sweetie? – Mmhm.

– [Grayson] So, whenwe've cooked maize before, normally you have to mix it for probably about five minutes just to get it all nice and thick.

Tiny bit of ash from thefire fell into the maize, oh well that might justadd a bit of flavor.

That's the reality ofcamp fire cooking guys.

It's not the cleanest method, not like stove top at home.

So, it's really starting thicken up by the looks of it, yeah, Sweetie? – [Christina] Yeah.

– Yeah, youcan see there, campers, it's getting quite thick now.

Quick taste test of that maize.

– Good now.

– I'm not gonna lie to you, maize doesn't exactlytaste good on its own but if you add a bit of salt and pepper or some kind of sauce, it's all good.

Here's our sauce.

Kangaroo going on the fire.

– Moving.

This is not yet cooked.

This one, I think is cooked.

– [Grayson] Ohyeah, kangaroo meat, eh? Kangaroo meat, in Australia.

(laughs) Oh yeah.

– Yummy, huh? – [Grayson] Beautiful.

– Not yet.

But these going to, going now.

– Putting somecuts in the meat Sweetie? So it cooks better? Just so it cooks inside much quicker.

Having a bit of trouble getting the fire going out here, guys.

Lot of rainfall again, that's why we've got thetarp on this camping trip.

Quick look underneath.

Using a double ridge line system.

This is the first ridge.

And the second ridge.

Just another trick you can use and that is one of the ridgelines is wrapped around the upright pole.

See there, just an item of clothing, that's one of our gaitersjust at the top there to protect the tarp from getting damaged by the wood.

Marinated kangaroo with African corn maize.

There's the maize going into the plates.

Oh yeah.

Bit of kangaroo on the plate yeah? Beautiful.

– Oh gosh, it's very cooking.

– [Grayson] Oh, thekangaroo's all charcoaled.

Black and crispy.

– There.

Put here? – [Grayson] Yep, and sauce.

– Or here? – [Grayson] Doesn't matter.

Oh yeah.


One thing that comes to mind is, I wonder if any of thenative animals in the area can smell this feast.

I'm sure the kangarooswon't like the smell.

Some of the wild dogs might be licking their lips right now though.

Look at that, beautiful.

Special treat out herethis afternoon campers.

Bit of pure honeycomb.

Just quick recipe idea for backpacking.

Just careful the wayyou transport it though, because it is extremely sticky and runny.

– Very sticky.

– [Grayson] So we'vejust transported it here inside an old peanut butter container.

– Yummy.

– There'sthe plastic container.


80% sugar, man.

Look at the honey.

Look at it just running off the side there onto that honeycomb.

(laughs) Honeycomb, beautiful.

You gonna eat the honeycomb, Sweetie? – Mmmhmm.

– Big chunk of honeycombright there, campers.

About the size of a marshmellow.

Hopefully the camera'spicking up the little hexagon shapes and stuff in the honeycomb.

Oh yeah.

Oh yeah.

Oh yeah.


Blade actually cutting the air.

So, these heavier bladeslike this 800 gram bolo.

You will not be able toproduce a swooshing sound when you swing it through the air.

Two 18 inch blades, itmight be a bit difficult for the camera's microphoneto pick up the sound.

Source: Youtube