How is Australia Post staying safe online?

At Australia Post, really, cyber securityis an integral part of our business.

We feel it's really important for our employees to understand how to protect themselves online and their important data, as well.

We have an ongoing program to help our customersunderstand how to protect themselves online and we dothat throughout the year through social media campaigns but also withupdates on our website.

We have a general awareness program and then we do more targeted, specific awarenessactivities and training to make sure that people in higher risk areasreally understand the importance, as well.

Stay Smart Online Week really brings businessand government and our people together.

It's about all of us better understandingthe cyber risk and how to protect ourselves from it.

It's not really until we have this unifiedapproach that we'll really be in a better position to protect Australia, our people, and ourbusinesses from cyber attacks.

Protecting yourself online is really a lifeskill these days and Stay Smart Online really helps to deliverthat message to all Australians.

Source: Youtube