House tour/ Mi casa en Australia | Acá en Australia

Hey, Guys! Today I'm saying hello from my house in Brisbane – Australia And I decided to do something different.

I am going to show my house.

You have been asking a lot for this video, So, let's do this Well, my apartment is pretty small.

I don't even know what I'm doing This is the door (Really Juliana?) So, yeh ok you use the door to get in (!?) oh sh**t it has two locks wait.

So, you come in.


how are you? Now, you are going to be my eyes.

This is the first thing you see when you enter to my house There is where we were at the beginning of the video.

That's our tiny balcony If you watch my videos, you probably know that here is where I shoot my videos everything looks very tidy and beautiful but.

bang! Let's see.

Hey guys, how are you? That was me pretending to shoot a video Now, if you walk through here is very narrow.

But I guess this space is good enough for two people Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you that I live with my boyfriend Lachy We have been living together for a year and a half, two years, I don't even know This is my favorite sofa, here is where I sit always.

ALWAYS That one is Lachy's sofa.

ALWAYS! That is his guitar That is our TV, we don't even use it to be honest And this is our chess, we don't use this one either But we never know.

Is always good to have one just in case the visitors want to play some chess (!?) anyway here is our dining table just a four seater dining table perfect for us here is our kitchen.

It's pretty good size for our apartment bigger that the whole house :).

The electric stove.

Student life.

I'm sorry, I promise I will do the dishes mum, if you are watching, I will do the dishes I pormise our kitchen.

oh yes! this! I love this thing! this is the dishwasher That is the reason why I haven't done my dishes.

it's completely full and, our fridge.

We have a lot of fridge magnets I bought this one in Colombia when I went on holidays My best friend liz, who is also my neighbor, she got this one for me She bought that one in Cartagena Colombia.

Lachy's mom brought this one for us from New Zealand look at their legs, aren't they cute? Lachy's mum got this one for us as well, it's from Vanuatu Juliana & Lachy, that was a present from my sister Lachy's mom as well, and it is from New Zealand here we have a beautiful view of nothing On this side is our room, on the other side, the toilet I was cleaning the toilet just then That is why we have all the cleanning stuff on the sink but here is the beautiful toilet And now here is our bedroom our bed.

That is Lachy's side of the bed, the right side is mine my bedside table here is a photo of my sister and me in Melbourne that was in New Years eve, I actually have a video of that night I don't know if I have told you guys already but I love candles so good! it's the best! light a candle.

at night.

to lie in bed I have a beautiful view.

That is the house of my dreams But I'm not going to show you guys because the owners are there I don't want them to think that I'm a stalker Now you might say: how does she do the laundry? does she do the laundry? I will show you! downstairs we have, all the other stuff, like the washing machine.

so, we just gotta go downstairs outside my house It is very weird because, it looks like an old house on the outside, but the house is actually not bad, is it? the house is very pretty, isn't it? I like it I always struggle to find the key have a look at this welcome! my little car 🙂 here is the washing machine You might be able to fin cockroaches, spiders or snakes here just kidding! but, you might see some cockroaches every now and then Now, I will show you something that I found very interesting the Australian recycle program By the way, around here, there are always macpies! those birds are always looking at me like: I hate you and I am going to kill you.

But, have a look this is the recycle program in Australia yellow ones are for recycle green and red for organic you just need to separate your rubbish at home and then throw it in the correct bin every fortnight they come a pick up the recycle rubbish and every week they pick up the organic well that was my house, what do you guys think? please let me know if you guys like this type of videos please leave me a comment if you have any suggestions thanks very much for all your support I love that you enjoy the videos 🙂 and that's it! thanks very much for watching and I will see you next time.

chao :).

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