Honest Government Advert – Visit Australia!

Visit Australia.

The most pristine place on the planet, and hometo a shitload of natural wonders.

The Great Barrier Reef, Uluru, Kakadu, and Scott Ludlam's hair.

as well as a unique array of poisonous insects.

Yo might have heard some off-puttingrumours about climate change making Australia a little less tourist friendly, but don't worry, we are fixers.

That's why we demanded the UNremove all mentions of Australia in its latest report on climate change inworld heritage-listed areas.

We fixed it! So, tourists: by the time you get here and realized that 93%of the Great Barrier Reef has been bleached into a desolate coral graveyard, you'll have already given us your money.


It's part of our "Sanitize AustraliaDevelopment Strategy", to get rid of inconvenient blemishes onour national image, instead of addressing the underlying issues.

We also removed the words "invasion"and "genocide" from our History books.

We now have a spotless environment andHistory for you to come and enjoy.

Unless you're an asylum seeker, in which case we have a special package dealfor you and your family on Nauru.

Visit Australia.

Authorized by the Australian Department ofEnvironmental Irony and Mining Apocalypse.

Source: Youtube