Hiking to the 12 Apostles – Australia’s Great Ocean Walk

Welcome to the 12 Apostles Lodge Walk We’re here at the 12 Apostles lodge walk in Victoria, Australia And it’s a really unique way to see the Great Ocean Walk It’s not the Great Ocean Road, it is different the entire trail.

And you go and you walk along the coastal route And you come back to this one lodge every single night And it’s quite nice because it’s a boutique lodge With foot spas, Very nice bedrooms and fantastic food We have canopés every night before dinner Look at this.

We’re out on the endurance trek this morningAnd what a gorgeous morning, We got to see the beautiful valleys here,different landscapes And we got to see a bunch of kangaroos It’s the perfect reason to head out early in the morning Woohoo We’re gonna save some muscles They’re free! Here we are, we’re about to go up 130 steps,the first major obstacle.

29,30,31 Great Ocean Walk, gotta do it Yeah baby Wow, now this is what I call a coastal walk Well it took us 4 days of hiking to get hereBut we made it , the 12 Apostles.

And it’s a spectacular day, the sun in shiningand what a beautiful sight.

And one of the things that we’ve learnedis, you don’t want to drive this road You want to get out here and hike becausewhen you drive you miss all these beautiful views It’s truly spectacular.

I thought we’d be missing out by hikingit over of driving it But no wayHiking it is the way to go, I highly recommend it.

And what a workout man Oh yeah.

Source: Youtube