Heart of Australia – Dalby Visit

So the Heart of Australia clinic bringscardiologist and cardiac equipment to twelve regional communities every fortnight where we can meet the patient, talk to them about their symptoms, examine them, put them on the treadmill and within the one visit tell them is there something seriously wrong with their heart or not.

The program was launched in October 2014 and in that time we've had just over 2,500 new patients.

I think the best thing about what we do with this service is that it's so obvious the difference you'remaking, you actually know the people who are lucky to be alive because of thosethree four days you've spent on the road.

Having the RACQ come on board is fantastic.

So many people relate to the RACQ as, someone who's there when you need them, and similarly for our service which is designed specifically forcountry people, it's a sign that someone gone out of their way to do somethingspecial to look after us.

We cannot just take from this world, at some point you've got to give back.

Source: Youtube