HARD ENDURO AUSTRALIA Feat Tim Coleman | Beta Xtrainer

So basically I started out when I was riding bikes at 4 years old, my Dad got me into it.

I started racing motocross, and then got into trials.

So I've been doing trials for 16 years and that's taken me all over Europe.

I worked on the Wolverine movie in Sydney doing a stunt gig.

Australia's Got Talent and we made it to the semi-finals and won the Australian X-Trials Championships.

Have been representing Australia six times now over in Europe at the (FIM)Trial Des Nations.

Also I do a lot of shows around the country and on my trials bike and enduro bike.

And I just love doing shows and entertainment – it's good to show your skills to the public ya know! also videos : I just love getting inspired by like Danny MacAskill and these videos that you know you can sort of get creative with.

Doing tricks on your bike that you don't see very often and, um, yeah getting creative.

(Did you prepare much for it?) We entered on Friday, so just looking forward to getting underway and getting into it.

Stoke I got across the balance beams on the matrix section : the aim was 'don't make any mistakes'.

I was happy with that.

Dylan :"Do you start in neutral or in gear?" Tim : "I'm gonna try in gear.

" 5 4 3 2 1 GO! I didn't really have much of a game plan at the start, I just, I started to get really bad arm pump on the first lap so wasn't really comfortable and I was like "this isn't good" , I thought I might have to take a good break and just get my arms back to normal.

Polso :"Mitch is about five minutes (ahead)" MC : He's got a massive, massive lead MC:They're going to go out and battle for second and third" MC: We'll see them in about 33 minutes MC: Here he comes everyone, get into it! MC:Make some noise for the 2016 Wildwood Rock champion Yeah so Dylan a lot of the time during the race and I knew I was getting closer to him each time and pretty much the last lap I knew we were neck and neck and I tried to overtake him in the water pond and didn't really like that and roosted me pretty well.

we were just battleing the whole time I last lap and I passed when he made a mistake.

I was just super stoked to get past him because I know he's such a good rider all around.

MC: Make sure you give a big cheer, Tim Coleman on the Beta XTrainer MC: Great result.

Dylan : I just couldn't control it, looped out and ended up upside down, back in the creek.

Yeah so it put me back to third, but look I'm stoked to get that I'm really happy to come home with a podium.

One day I'd like to get overseas and do one of these Hard Enduro Series: whether it's the Erzberg, Romaniacs or Sea to Sky I'd love to do one and just see how I compare to these top world riders.

Source: Youtube