Hang Gliding in Australia (Family Vacation Vlog)

come on you got this (hang glider) what's up guys it is bright and early today it's not even six a.


but we are heading on a domestic flight all the way up to Cannes which is like tropical island i really know what it is but take a more beachy area in Australia so I'm excited to that great my mom and i are currently at the airport but Carter my dad cold State a different hotel so i wouldn't be surprised they overslept that's the biggest factor determining right now whether we end up actually going to cancer not tolerate the airport right now it is popping 46 am checking into tigerair so we're just making a mess here oh my gosh they made it there is he looks so clueless right now Carter come to the line you got it good all right now we're gonna see how much away six kilos my baggy well the good news is we made it through this time unlike last time was Carter where he brought a knife through the airport so check out that video link in description below and Cartwright here and where that video is it's crazy over all juiced up and we're ready to hop on our plane but for something food because I'm always hungry and it's like a three-hour foot it is time to get on the plane to can so baby playing the music on the plan because every wonder how fast you go on an airplane we got speedometer happened comment below how fast the bakery to go before we take off my guess is 170 miles per hour we're going best already 30 still on the ground 70 and now we're lifting up there we go 300 miles an hour one well so we took off at three hundred my gosh parties galore this is trying it out like pump it up it like super good you can adjust it make it really hard they used it for the flight to Australia like link in the description below par does it take the tunic hello comments you guys going to buy one of them actually one now you can look at this view right now welcome to can holler at this limo going a dope trailer huh now we've got to figure out where our rental car is this is going to be very interesting to see what kind of car we have we have a minivan I've never had a minivan my entire life hopping we're going to church all my dad for driving this thing keep in mind we have to drive on the other side of the car so this is very weird other side of the car and other side of the road this could be bad news we don't even know what we're doing good is this car looks cool yeah like you cards kind of looking kid just so gorgeous we have the road here and then you go and you see the mounting up there oh my gosh guys were driving up this mountain look at these people are about to go do hang gliding he's just going to jump off this cliff got to be careful crossing the street know which way to go oh my goodness something tells me now that I come closer to that need to put it there for this way and it'll actually take off from here because that's like such a short takeoffs trip you ready to go because i'm waiting for him guys got a helmet this might be handy well there's some guy literally just floating up there they are definitely getting ready to go trapping in like a swing oh my gosh he's about to just jump off this cliff good luck as we just came up driving on the road we saw this guy was about to take off so we hopped out real quick this is his first time going alone this minus 1 tighten up oops I guess we'll find out if you're taking it actually oh yeah Chris stating good grace said something entertaining and he's about to jump off here and then look at this quick he has to make it over oh come on you got this whoa oh my goodness whoa oh my gosh I can't believe I just witnessed that that's the first thing I've ever seen in my entire life like that you know that is so cool coming in for a landing is gonna make it to the beach or just on the ocean I don't know ok you going the wrong way you're so close to the ground touching that you touched whoa nice my turn alright I'm ready to go I'm ready to go now there goes my car i love that thing well guys we made it to Port Douglas it is beautiful here it is so hot but I'm loving the warm weather city was honestly a little bit cold for me so this is the actual beach weather feel like I'm in some tropical paradise and I'm ready to go eat we are starving so we are booking it to where we're going to find food shout out to these flowers the panas plants me and grace both ordered the same thing outside looks delicious right they actually turns out it's kangaroo I don't know so much about this but I'm willing to try is ready to eat it all right great good thank you it's like to get to cycle make check out this main strip in Port Douglas our hotel is just down there we're having lunch down here and we came across this awesome hippie van this is like what beach life is all about these cars are just so cool-looking i love the front of it how awesome is that after all the shopping and all this working out card and I've just been looking to get massages so we found this place it looks incredible and the safest part is no happy ending oops we missed the sign on this side that's it please do not play we're off to do an evening activity we are walking mossman gorge which is I have no idea but apparently looks really cool let's start the hike and see where we end up warning sign number one never feed cassowaries first 10 seconds and we already in a tropical rainforest i love how this path is already laid out so I want to be down in the brush this is really cool though we have now decided to be more quiet as we walk because we want to be able to witness these exotic animal jungle bridges oh man its ways to this is oh my goodness carstar don't shake it a night that's scary oh my goodness guys hardstyle oh my gosh this is scared this is an incredible view wow I feel like I'm ready to bungee jump into boulder Wow look at our arc this is wild we made it to ma's men's gorge it's getting a little bit dark now but what side of carrion back better and get out of here is what what what what would stop grace come you're joking stop stop are you joking period in the woods back there I don't know if grace is joking enough but I am a little scared now as we hurry up we found this danger sign and my dad of course went down because he now wants to swim into the water it's so clear you can see the fish yeah I do hear something oh my gosh I almost looks like your crocodile but i don't think that is this definitely just a stick but you never can be too short here he was shouting on this rock yes I told you not going to do it yet to put your foot up there you go well there's my dad way out there that had you get out there Stephen is still up on the rock is too scared to get down let's get out of here reflect their horse we are getting out of here go get up ok it is getting really dark now it is literally night-night time right now we've got to find our way out soon made it back safe guys what is this noise all these trees are they making the loudest most boys there is nothing but constant weird noise coming I don't know what animal making this but it's wild animals like scared that these things are still allowed to sit in the car alright guys who they are look at this don't like oh my gosh look how many there are that's captain blue so much for blue and orange and yellow wow you're controlling them now get this they're all over you can see the mauler impairs their like cuddling chief with each other we safely made it to dinner check out this Russian around it's like very loungy my parents are up on the couch you're just sitting on like these lounge chairs very cool very stylish but i'm going to actually end the vlog here because it's getting late and after it's probably gonna go to bed still on jetlite so until next time stay awesome and share the love.

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