Great Ocean Road, Mornington Peninsula and Phillip Island Tour from Melbourne Australia

(fun music) – This morning, we'resetting off from Melbourne on a two day trip to see the Great OceanRoad and Phillip Island.

(fun music) Just outside of Melbourne,is one of the most famous and scenic coastlines in theworld, the Great Ocean Road.

Oh my! The Twelve Apostles arecreated by natural erosion, the waves coming up and crashing against these limestone structures.

They're just stickingright out of the water, like skyscrapers of sorts.

When you walk down here to LochArd Gorge, it's so dramatic.

You're surrounded by these steep cliffs.

The water is this turquoise-blueand you can't help but just take your shoes off and feelthe sand between your toes.

(fun music) The Cape Otway Lightstation is the oldest surviving lighthouse on Mainland Australia and it's been in continuousoperation since 1848.

The view up here is stunning.

We have time for a break for lunch.

We have this incredibleview of the lighthouse.

It's a delicious goodie.

(fun music) Day two is officially underway.

We're on the ferry, makingour way to Phillip Island to see some of the best it has to offer including the penguin parade.

If you have a sweet tooth, the Phillip Island ChocolateFactory is the place for you.

Woah! Everything here is made ofchocolate and it's interactive.

This may just be my favorite museum ever.

Churchill Island is rightnext to Phillip Island and it has a working farm andhomestead from the 1800's.

The Moonlit Sanctuary is hometo some of the most famous creatures of Australia andplays an important role in the preservation of someof its endangered species.

Hi! Oh my goodness, you'rea hungry little fella! It's the last stop of theday and it's time to see the world famous penguin parade.

(penguins braying) The penguins wait til duskto come out of the water because the darkness protectsthem from predators up above.

Here they come, just walkingup next to the boardwalk.

We're so close to them! This has been an unforgettable two days, driving down the Great Ocean Road and seeing the Twelve Apostles and then Phillip Island andall of its incredible wildlife.

This is an absolute mustwhen visiting Australia.

(fun music).

Source: Youtube