GRAPHIC: Python Devours Wallaby on Australian Golf Course

It's one of the great dangers of golf: fearsome animals making their way onto the greens.

But in case you think a crocodile on a Florida course is something to tremble at, Australia will go ahead and raise you this: a 13-foot-long scrub python — one that was obviously very hungry.

That's a wallaby stuck halfway down its throat, and spoiler alert: this marsupial doesn't get a surprise happy ending.

The carnage took place in the middle of the fairway on the 17th hole at Paradise Palms Golf Course in north Queensland.

Now the question is: Are golfers at this course in danger of a similar fate? According to Dan Natusch, a biologist at the University of Sydney, not really.

He told the BBC that the nonvenomous snakes don't see humans as prey, but warned that they do have sharp teeth.

As for the golfers who witnessed the grand feast, it's said that they finished their rounds.

Oh, Australia.

For NewsBeat Social, I'm Molly Riehl.

Source: Youtube