Graduate Life at Australia Post

Background music begins.

Grace: Hi Tom, I'm Grace.

Tom: Hey, nice to meet you!Grace: you too Tom: Are you a grad ?Grace: Yeah, I am.

I am currently in the corporate affairs area doing a rotation in the communityrelations team.

Tom: Nice, Enjoying it?Grace: Yeah, I love it.

Josh:Hi Grace! Grace: Hey Josh! You out heading on a newpostie round? Josh: No, I'm just going to put this in thebike cage down stairs, I'll catch you later.

Grace: Alright, see you! Grace: Hey Jacob!Jacob: Hey Grace.

I thought you could use this.

Grace: Thanks, you're a life saver.

Jacob: No worries.

Tom: Caffeine Hey? Grace: It's been a busy week.

Yesterday, we had a big event withAFL, launching our multicultural ambassadors.

Tomorrow we're flying to Sydney to launchthe Legend Stamps.

Tom: What are Legend Stamps?Grace: It's a stamp release featuring men's tennis players.

Tom: So how do you like working in the city? Grace: Yeah, I really love it.

There lotsof really cool places nearby.

Tom: Ah yea, what's your favourite place toeat? Ahh, I think it at the moment it might bea Mexican place just around the corner.

Some of the Grads and I are actually heading there on Friday.

Tom: Ah coolAaron: Hey Grace! Grace: Hey Tom, this is my Grad friend Aaron.

Aaron: Hi Tom, it's nice to meet you.

I am just off to the gym, guys.

Catch you a bitlater.

Grace: See yah! I should probably go theretonight too.

Tom: Ah yea, that's what I always tell myself.

Grace: So Tom, these are our Parcel Lockers.

Tom: Ooooh! What's your favourite things to buy online? Grace: Shoes!Tom: Haha! Of course they are! Grace: And Tom, before you ask, StarTrackis a business of Australia Post as well.

Do you mind holding this?Tom: yea sure Grace: Thank you.

Grace: Hey, what are you guys up to? Sarah: We're working on a roll out of these across Australia.

Frank: It's been great being a part of the Parcel Locker team.

From the initial concept to the roll out of the lockers.

Grace: Awesome.

Are you still coming to lunch?Sarah: Yeah, definitely! Grace: Cool.

I'll see you later.

Grace: Here you go, you'll need this.

Tom: Oh yea, thanks.

Grace: Hey Glyn.

How are you? Glyn: Yea good.

You still good for 10?Grace: Yes, definitely.

Glyn: Alright I'll see you later.

Grace: That's Glyn.

He used to be a Grad, but he is now Product Manager.

So, it's pretty cool that we get to work together on a few things.

Tom: Yea that's so awesome Grace: Hey Hugh! Hugh: Hey Grace.

Is that the usual tripleshot, almond milk, decaf, chai latte witha touch of honey? Grace: Indeed it is! Jacob just bought itfor me.

Hugh: What a champion.

Grace: Looking pretty sharp today? Hugh: Yeah, we're just about to go on a customer visit to see the state of government about digitising services.

Grace: Awesome! I'll see you soon! Tom: Everybody here seems so friendly! Grace: Yeah, it's a great place to work.

Everyone's really lovely.

Tom: That's so good! Grace: This is our model shop.

This is where we test things before they go out to our thousands of Post Offices.

Hey Mase!Mase: Hey.

Grace: What are you up to?Mase: Just checking out our in store customer experience and looking ways to improve them.

Grace: Awesome.

Tom: That's an innovative set up!Grace: Yeah, it's really cool.

Come on.

Let's keep going.

Grace: Hey Tom, this is a really cool break out space and kitchen area.

So you can come here and have a casualmeeting.

You can catch up with the Grads for lunch.

You can even play a little bitof pool.

Tom: Love it Grace: Hey Sean, how are you? Sean: Hi Grace.

I'm good.

How's the Grad Program treating you? Grace: Going really well.

I'm really lovingit! Tom, this is Sean.

He's the general manager of Talent Culture and Innovation at Australia Post.

Sean: Hey Tom.

Nice to meet you.

Tom: You too.

So what makes graduates so valuable at Australia Post Sean: Yeah, well Grads are really importantin Australia Post.

Not only they do help us inject really important creativity and modern commercial thinking but as our company grows and changes and our customers change, we need a workforce that's diverse and reflective of our customers.

So in many ways, it helpsmake a stronger company for us.

Tom: Wow that is really cool thanks!Grace: I'll let you go, Sean.

Thanks! See yah! Grace: Hi Kate! Kate: Hey Grace, how are you?Grace: Yea really well.

Tom, this is Kate.

She's our Graduate Manager.

Tom: Oh cool, so can I grab a seat? Were you a grad?Kate: Yeah! I was actually! Tom: That's awesome! Tell me what you think the grads love most about the program.

Kate: I'd say, it's entering the businessalready being part of a really supportive Grad network.

As well as going to participate in tailored Grad development program that helps individual Grads build their careers.

Tom: Wow, that sounds so personalised! Kate: Oh and Grace, do you want to catch upthis afternoon.

Do you want to meet downstairs go get a coffee?Grace: Oh, that sounds great.

I'll see you later.

Kate: Oh Thanks, see ya! Grace: Come on.

Hey Guys! What are you working on Johno?Johno: We're just working on our Hack Day ideasTom: What's a hack day? Jack: It's where you have 24 hours to comewith a concept using all your fire power to build the prototype and bring it to life.

And the winner gets mad street cred! Tom: And the grads always get involved?Johno: Yeah, it's awesome! This guy is a 3 time champion.

Grace: Awesome.

Well I can't wait to see what you guys can bring to the table next week.

See yah! Grace: Hey Tom, I'll show you the Garden Lounge.

Tom: Oh nice! Grace: Hey Karen.

Karen: Grace, Hi! Grace: I'm showing Tom around.

Tom, Karen's my buddy from the Graduate Program.

Karen: Nice to meet you.

Grace So what are you guys working on? Karen: We're just pulling together the digitalstrategy for our upcoming travel campaign.

Grace: Cool I'll see you later.

Karen: See yah! Tom: It seems like you know everyone here! Grace: Yeah, you pretty much meet everyone here at some stage.

Grace: Hey Shom.

What are you working on? Shom: Oh hey! We are just preparing to pitch our Start Up Accelerator Program to present it to our executives.

It's sort of like, SharkTank style.

Tom: What's a "Start Up Accelerator Program"?Simone: It's where you take a really cool idea and you go through a process to validate that its what's customers really, really want.

And by the end of what we're doing here, we'll basically have the genesis of the start up business.

Tom: Haha.

Never a dull moment here!? Shom: Nope never! (laugh) Tom: Hey, thank you so much for showing me around!Grace: No problem.

So now you seen Australia Post, I've got a question to ask you.

Howwould you describe us in four words? Tom: Ohh, umm.

Agile , Innovative, Personalised and.

Dynamic! Grace: Yeah.

We're surprisingly more thanyou think aren't we? Tom: Yes, definitely, thanks againGrace: Thanks, see yah! Background music ends.

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