Geography More! Argentina, Armenia and Australia

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So, anyway, this is the 3rd episode of Geography More.

For those of you who don't know, Geography More is where we cover the extra information that didn't quite make it into the country videos prior, and today's episode is gonna be on Argentina, Armenia, and Australia.

First up: Argentina.

So, there are a lot of things I did not get to mention in the Argentina video.

And one of things I wanted to kind of expound a bit more on, was the fact that Argentina has a very complex was the fact that Argentina has a very complex and confusing political dynamic that kind of just exudes throughout the entire country, and it's been going on for a while.

I mean, each political party even has their own brand of beer.

But, essentially, what you really just have to know, is the fact that the country has gone through a lot of strange periods.

In the late 1800s, there was a national autonomous hegemony.

Then there was the radical governments, the infamous decade between 1930 and 1943, the revolution – another revolution, the radical administrations, another revolution, the unstable, militaristic years, the re-organizing years, and then, finally, the new democracy years.

They even had a very brief moment in time in 2001 where they had 5 presidents in 10 days.

One person that really sticks out in Argentine history, though, would have to be Eva Perón.

Also known as "Evita.

" Little Evita was super famous.

She was a film and radio actress as well as a model and the first lady, wife of former president Juan Perón.

She did a lot of things for the country, she started a lot of organisations, she spoke on behalf of labor rights and women's suffrage, and she just did a lot of stuff, and she died at the age of 33.

Over 3,000,000 people showed up to her funeral when she died.

And to this day, her legacy lives on.

Just a few little side extra notes about Argentina: Argentina is the home of the highest number of psychiatrists per capita.

Buenos Aires, the capital, is home to the world's widest avenue.

Also, in 1977, the Argentine government deliberately sent a pregnant woman to Antarctica to give birth, and officially claim the title of of "the first person born in Antarctica", Emilio Palma.

However, the Norwegians will argue that Solveig Gunbjørg Jacobsen was probably the first person, even though [she] was born on South Georgia Island, which is kind of technically not considered part of Antarctica, but it kind of is, but eh.


Che Guevera, famous Cuban revolutionist who followed the Marxist ideologies of his time, was also born in Argentina.

He was not Cuban! Get that right.

Now, one thing is, a lot of people will tell you it's probably not a good idea to go to Argentina to learn Spanish.

That's because the Argentines have a very, very distinct.

Dialect that doesn't really quite resonate with all the other Latin American countries.

As mentioned in the Argentina video, a huge chunk of Argentina's population is actually Italian, and so that type of dialect resonates throughout the way that they speak.

A lot of times, not all the times, but a lot of times, they might even substitute the double L (ll) sound with a "sh.

" (Argentine accent) ¿Cómo te llamas? [What's your name?] Me llamo Carlos.

[I'm Carlos.

] Specifically, the Tierra del Fuego area.

A long time ago, this area was actually kind of like a penal colony.

They would send their prisoners here.

And you'll kinda see a pattern going on.

A lot of countries sent their prisoners to, like, a very far-off, remote area.

Tierra del Fuego was kinda like that.

For Argentina.

Long story short, in order to build the prisons, they had send off the lumber via train, so they built a train, and to this day, the train was rebuilt, and now it's kinda like a tourist thing.

Known as "the world's southermost operating train system.

" "The end of the world train.

" So those are just a few things about Argentina, of course there's a lot more other things that I didn't quite mention, but if you know anything, please write it down.

Otherwise, we gotta move on.

Armenia! So, the Armenia and Azerbaijan videos were the countries I got the most flak for because of political controversy.

See, one thing you have to understand is that the actual people in Armenia and Turkey and Azerbaijan are typically, more or less, very radically different from the actual governments of Armenia, Turkey, and Azerbaijan.

To this day, there are tons who are Turkish and Azerbaijani that have friends who are Armenian.

It's not impossible for them to be friends! And (gasps) – shocker! There are even some couples in which one person is Turkish, and the other is Armenian, or Azerbaijani.

It's like – it happens.

When you're attracted to somebody, it kind of really transcends race and political affiliation.

I've actually talked to a lot of Turkish and Armenians, and the overwhelming consenus is that they don't hate each other, It's just their governments and the extreme nationalists that clash.

So yes, on the external level, there are political disparities.

However, very (x8) small things are happening to show that they're at least attempting, in a very very very small sense, to make progress.

Their leaders do actually kind of commonly visit each other's countries, and even though not really much gets done, hey, at least they're talking.

Anyway, that's gonna incite another comment war in the comments below.

But anyway, let's get back to the actual country's facts.

Few fun things: Yerevan [the capital] is sometimes referred to as "the pink city", as many of the buildings in that area are built with naturally-colored volcanic rocks.

There's a stork village with high pillars that are built up so that the storks can use them to nest on top.

Lake Sevan is a huge, huge part of Armenia that has enoromous economical and cultural significance.

The lake in itself provides about 90% of the fish and 80% of the crawfish market in all of Armenia.

Not only that, but it's a beautiful place with lots of recreational spots that Armenians like to go on vacation.

Armenia has some great views, especially in the Syunik valley, where you can view them on the "Tatev Wings" aerial tramway that takes you between Halidzor and the Tatev monastery.

It is the world's longest reversible aereal tramway, built on only one section.

It also holds the record for the longest non-stop double track cable car.

Constructed in 2010! The region of Armenia also has incredibly long history.

Even before the former Soviet Union, before the Ottomans, before it even became the world's first Christian nation, Armenia has had its roots planted centuries prior to even the common era.

The city of Yerevan is actually older than Rome itself by about 3 decades.

Armenia is also home to the temple of Garni, the only Greco-Roman colonated building in all of the former Soviet Union.

the only Greco-Roman colonnaded building in all of the former Soviet Union.

And don't be suprised to find a lot of Armenians with last names that end in either '-ian' or '-yan.

' Which is kinda like the same thing, but just spelled differently.

And also, France, I'm sorry, but Armenia kinda beat you at having the world's oldest winery.

Discovered in 2011, the Areni winery is speculated to be about 6,000 years old.

Also, one last thing.

A lot of Armenians won't exactly quite know to answer it themselves, but if you ask them, "Do you consider yourself part of Europe or Asia?" Some of them might say Asia, some of them might say Europe, but a lot of them will just say "We're just part of the Caucus region.

" In a very fundamental sense, though, a lot of them might say they culturally kinda resonante more with Europe.

And the same thing goes for Azerbaijan and Georgia, they're just the Caucus region.

That's all they can really say.

So as you can see, Armenia is kind of like a small country with a lot of weird tension.

But hey, we gotta move on.

Next: Australia.

Okay, there are so many things in the Australia video that I didn't get to mention.

But the one thing I really kinda wanted to talk about was the fact that Australia probably has the most funny events recorded in their history.

This could be anything from the 200 or so female convicts mooning the governor of Tasmania, that drunk guy who charged on a horse, cutting the ribbon of Sydney Harbor bridge on the opening day, the prime minister that went for a swim in the ocean and then disappeared mysteriously, or, in 1932, how they declared war on "emus".

And they lost that war! Australia, you guys are hilarious! Also, another thing I wish I could have mentioned, but it actually wasn't brought up until after my video was uploaded, was the fact that Australia announced that in 2018, they're gonna make the north territory another state of Australia.

It's gonna move up from territory status to statehood.

Also, another fun side fact, it's not that surprising, but with statistical data included, Australians actually really do like beer.

The average Aussie drinks about 96 liters of beer every year.

Even their own former prime minister Bob Hawke is famous for setting a world record for skulling 2.

5 pints of beer in 11 seconds.

Let's see, what else we got here? Australia's also the only continent with no active volcanos, however, I don't really feel like however, I don't really feel like Australia is in itself "a continent", because, I mean, where else would you classify the other countries in that Pacific area, like New Zealand or Tuvalu or whatever.

So, I kinda prefer to call the entire area "Oceania.

" I know some people pronouce it "oh-shi-ann-ee-uh.

" But it's like "ocean" and "ia", so I just pronouce it "Ocean-ia.

" But for what it's worth, I guess you could say Australia is the largest continuous land mass that has no active volcanoes, or something like that.

One reason why Australia has a lot of bush fires is partially because eucalyptus trees are highly flammable, or at least the oil in the eucalyptus trees.

Koalas can be very aggressive, do not anger a koala, by the way.

They also have the world's longest fence, over 5,600 kilometers.

It was originally built to kinda keep dingos out of the fertile areas along the coasts.

Ah, here's another cool thing: Australia actually does have some "snowy" parts.

You wouldn't really think they do, but they do.

Most of the snow is concentrated in the Australian Alps, found in Victoria in New South Wales.

And believe it or not, on average, these mountains actually get more snow than Switzerland.

It's a cool spot that the locals and tourists just like to check out.

And finally, one last thing that I kinda wanted to spill is that fact that a lot people think that the Dutch were the first outsiders besides the aboriginals to discover Australia.

And that's actually not true.

China actually has documented records of sailors and fishers going back and forth between Australia and the mainland between Australia and the mainland, mostly for trade and for fishing.

It's kinda interesting, though, because China never really saw Australia as a place that they thought about colonizing.

They really just kind of wanted to exploit the advantage of shipping and commerce and fishing in that area.

Now, there's a lot more about Australia that I missed out even in this video, so if you think of anything I didn't mention, please write in the comments.

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